Jul 01, 2016 - Happy Canada Day in Heaven

There are many many things I miss about Brad. I well up in tears just thinking about him.

Every Canada Day weekend we used to go out camping with very special people, our neighbors, our friends. It was an annual event and together we watched our children grow.

They all amazed us, they made us laugh, they made us literally beam with pride. Their young lives were so interesting.

The three families would sit back and watch all the kids interact with not only us adults but with each other. All ages mixed together. From "tacos in a bag" to dirt bikes and quads to long hikes..... It was wonderful. 

As another Canada Day comes and goes I am left with just the memories of such a wonderful time. 

Brad, I simply miss you more than words can say.

Happy Canada Day Bradley, Kole and Thad. 
Stay Golden


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