Apr 27, 2013 - 2013 Candlelight Vigil of Hope - In Tribute of Bradley Arsenault

Forever Young, Forever Missed, Forever Loved, Forever Our Son. 

Stay Golden Bradley.

Bradley, I miss you and everything about you.  From your smile, to your way, to your words, your voice, your very self.  My heart is missing the biggest piece.  That piece is you, Brad my son, because you aren’t here with me.  There is an enormous void, a hole in all our lives that can never be filled. 

If I could see you even if only for a second, that second would be the world to me.  I would hug you so tight and tell you how much I love you.  What I wouldn’t do for a chance like that.  Brad, you made me so proud of you in life and so proud of you in death.  You are my “Sweetie Pie” Bradley and always will be.

The impact you left on many, many people will always be yours.  To be proud of, you own that!  The gift you gave me is the 18.5 years spent with you and the powerful legacy that you left and that is truly what keeps me going.  Your legacy is a part of me, a piece of my heart, you are in my soul. And through that Bradley, you will always be the biggest part of everything I do.  That is the most wonderful gift you gave me.  Brad I love you and we will be together one day, that is a promise my son.

Brad...a few words from your Dad.  You know your Dad mourns you every minute of every day.

 ~Brad, it has been well over a year since you left us and I still am waiting for you to come home or for my phone to ring with you on the other end.  I miss you more every day and will never get over the fact that you are no longer with us. ~ Love Forever, Your Dad

From your Grandparents,

~We will always miss our grandson Bradley's smiling face, his large blue eyes and his friendly chatter. His comments from "off the wall" at our family gatherings will always be remembered. We will also always miss Bradley because of his most unique and friendly personality. If we could all be more like Bradley this world would be a much happier place.~ Grandma and Grandpa

From your dear friend Marriya Jenkins,

~When I think of Brad I think of his amazing smile, his absolutely infectious laugh, and a truly remarkable person. You really could not find more of a caring, selfless, thoughtful, and respectable individual. I feel so blessed to have known someone so amazing.~ Marriya


Submitted by:  Sheri Arsenault (Mother)


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