KOLE by Jaime Smith

Everyone wants the truth? The truth is Kole wasn't perfect like he's been made out to be since his death...Kole wasn't the ideal citizen of humanity; he broke rules, he talked negatively about people, he hurt people. He was human, he was unique, he was Kole!

As I'm on my flight everyone thinks "this is the closest I can be to the dead now" but who's to say heaven is above us, up in the sky? It could just be some greater world beyond ours where everyone has their own specifically made out heaven as to what they thought was the most perfect idealistic world!

I picture the boys off in some world where five steps to their left there's the highest of mountains for them to be shredding down in knee deep powder, and five steps to the right there's the most beautiful beaches with a couple chairs, beers, and endless tequila!

Sharing his endless stupid jokes that he'd make up based on puns, and laughing at them with that genuine, joyous laugh he had that could crack a smile on even the most bitter persons face!

It's really unbelievable when you think about how much impact one person can have on your life. That someone can have the power that their absence can cause you to cry every week when you know you're never going to get to spend your sick days with them taking care of you anymore, that they're not going to be there through the shitty break ups to hold your hand and somehow mend your heart and make you smile again, to go long boarding with, to share your secrets that no one else knows with.

I always think back to the day he crashed his Infinity, Julia was on her way to my house and saw it and when she got to my house she told me. I immediately called him, he came over right after and was so panicked about how mad his dad was going to be, although I'm sure, just like me, his dad was just glad to know he was okay more than anything! It was a school night but we stayed up all night playing silly drinking games like Quarters trying to take his mind off what had just happened!

I would do absolutely anything to have had this accident turn out the same way! You don't realize the impact a person has on you until they leave. Whenever anyone talks
about how they drank and drove or how they plan on doing so you seem to lose every ounce of respect you might've had for that person and you turn into this hateful person that just winds up loathing anyone stupid enough to not risk their life but to hurt innocent people just driving sober doing the right thing on the road!

Whenever you hear a song you can't help but think of them, you'd think you'd hear sad
songs and it'd bring back memories and you wouldn't be able to sit through them, but the happy songs are just as bad, those ones carry the memories so much more, the ones you sang car karaoke to on your road trip to Calgary, those are the ones that are next to impossible to listen to and not feel wrong doing so without them by your side to sing along with you!

What I wouldn't do to spend one more day with you, to see your smile again, to hear your laugh, to feel the touch of your hand on mine... All I wish is that someone had been there that day to stop Pratt from getting behind the wheel of his killing machine and murdering someone's son, someone's brother, someone's cousin and my best friend...

 "Look to the past and remember a smile and maybe
tonight I can breathe for a while, I'm not in the scene I think I'm
falling asleep but then all that it means is I'll always be dreaming
of you!"

heartJaime Smith & Kole Novak ~BEST FRIENDS FOREVER~heart