May 15, 2014 - Some relief after 2.5 years

First off, I would like to say we feel relief, great relief, but also enormous sorrow at the same time.  Not for Mr. Pratt, but for Bradley, Kole and Thad.  For all of us who love them so much, our loss is indescribable.

On behalf of Bradley, our family and all our friends, we have to thank many people. Cst. Walter Paige, Sgt. Chris Narbonne, Cpl. Ken Alexander and the rest of the incredible RCMP team, as well as all those that responded that night and all the others that contributed to the investigation. Everyone worked very hard and did an excellent job, especially those that provided the factual, compelling, indisputable testimony in such a professional manner.  You were all a huge part in the continuation of Brad, Kole and Thad’s united voice.

Our other two heroes are Mr. Gordon Hatch and Mr. Ryan Pollard.  This prosecution team really did lead this trial.  Not only did they spend hundreds of hours on this case, they guided me and my family every step of the way through this heartbreaking process over the last 2.5 years. 

We were reassured, they listened to us, they were patient, and they were accessible at all times for any question, rant or just to hear us out. We were able to express our personal thoughts to them.  We will be forever grateful for their efforts and their compassion. Bradley did have a voice and it was a powerful one. There were no deals made. Bradley and our entire family sincerely thank you Gordon and Ryan, from the bottom of our hearts.

We will never understand the senselessness of this crime.  The outrageous speed, the outrageous impairment, the nine NOT GUILTY pleas!  Mr. Pratt showed absolutely no remorse, ownership or responsibility for the horrific deaths of three young men that resulted from his decision to drink and drive his 5000 lb. weapon at an extremely excessive speed.  Johnathan Pratt drove through the Grand Am at 200 km per hour!  Mr. Pratt killed my son and his two good friends in a manner more horrendous than with any other type of weapon.

Our hearts will never heal from what Mr. Pratt has done. Making us wait for more than 2.5 years has been agonizing. The only defense was in hoping for a mistake in the investigation or in finding a phantom driver with the exact same DNA. How could they even think that this trial might end with an acquittal?

We would also like to thank the Media. With your help maybe others will realize the devastation caused by impaired drivers.

Rob and I miss our only son Brad more than words can say.  This will never be over for us, but first we have to wait again to relive this horrible nightmare when Johnathan Pratt is sentenced on Aug 1st, 2014.  Again, we have to pray for justice.

Every day is another day AFTER Bradley. We look forward to the day when we can be with our Brad again. We are now going to visit him in his resting place at St. Vital in Beaumont.


~Sheri and Rob Arsenault~


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