Jun 21, 2012 - Just came back from the MADD/RTL Westcan event

The speakers were excellent. They unveiled the picture of Michael Knox (16) who was killed a few years ago by a drunk driver. Louise Knox, Michael’s mother spoke on this, although very emotional, she really spoke well. Louise is very active in MADD. The national president from MADD, Denise Dubyk, who lost her son-in-law, also spoke. The Police sent a rep, the Transportation Minister Ric McIvor, and the CEO of Westcan also spoke.

 RTL Westcan has teamed up with MADD to have this picture on the back of tanker trucks that travel throughout Alberta, BC, and Northwest Territories. RTL Westcan is also providing financial support to the educational program MADD presents in schools. The picture of Michael Knox on the back of these trucks is very powerful.

I had the chance to speak with these wonderful ladies, the police, and the CEO of Westcan. As a large company, they take this crime very seriously and really want to do what they can in prevention. I had a chance to tell them about our own tragic story and the others that have taken place over the last few months.

What did I learn? We have to change the way our society thinks! We have to realize it is not OK to have a couple or a few, and then drive. Two Albertans a day are seriously hurt by drunk drivers! New government initiatives will be in place July 1st and we like Australia WILL see the numbers go down.

Thank you RTL Westcan and thank you MADD!

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Submitted by: Sheri

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