Sep 23, 2014 - FFJ Empty Shoe Campaign [Calgary AB] ~ Part 4 ~ MORE GUEST SPEAKERS

No one knows firsthand better than our Emergency Medical Services.  Day in and day out EMS is called upon to save lives.  They have seen the horrors of this crime first hand. 

Our EMS have to deal with the devastation, the carnage left behind by drunk drivers.  It’s not fair to them either, it affects them, and they know it’s preventable and senseless. This is not what I consider to be an accident. 

Here today to speak to you is our next guest, a paramedic with EMS in Calgary for close to 10 years. 

Please welcome Paramedic and Public Education Officer, Mr. Adam Loria

Only 22% of impaired drivers that cause death are even charged!!  Out of that measly 22% only 11% are convicted.  That is one of the most devastating facts I learned.  And it’s reality.

Many cases are thrown out in the first 5 minutes because of a technicality.  The defense lawyers are finding loopholes and it’s the investigation that is on trial, not the accused.

Our next guest speaker is a victim of this crime.  Sandra Green has been through unimaginable devastation when in the early morning hours of Sunday Feb. 7th, 2010 she received that phone call that instantly changed her life, her family’s life, her grandchildren’s life. 

Her daughter Krista and her son in law Brad Howe were killed instantly when speeding drunk driver Chad Olsen ran a red light and t-boned their car leaving behind five young children and completely devastating the city of Red Deer, Alberta. 

Sandra and I have had many conversations about our experiences and what we have learned.  She was just starting to enjoy her retirement years when this tragedy occurred and now commutes from her home in Saskatchewan to Red Deer to help Krista’s sister Karla raise the children. 

Through her heartache and incredibly busy life Sandra has committed to speak to many young people in Alberta’s schools.  She speaks to all grads and to junior high students about the consequences of drinking and driving.  The real, reality of it. She doesn’t hold back.  Sandra knows first hand from the immense grief to the re victimization of our justice system. 

Please welcome Sandra Green.

Our next and last guest is a young man of 22 who along side with his loving family and friends finds himself not only grieving the tragic loss of his brother Francis but also having to navigate through this very complex process called the Canadian Justice System. 

On Nov. 30th, Ramil and Grace Pesa along with their four sons went back to the Philippines for the first time since moving to Calgary 10 years prior. On November 8, 2013, one of the worst disasters occurred and 41 of their relatives were killed. 

Typhoon Hiyan had struck their home town and the Pesa family made the decision to go support and help their family members in the Philippines. The family arrived back to their home in Calgary on Jan.1, 2014. New Years Day. 

They were not on Canadian soil for more than 2 hours when tragedy struck the Pesa family again.  Their suitcases were still by the door. Twenty year old Francis Pesa volunteered to get some dinner from a close by restaurant. 

He was excited to be back home in Calgary.  Excited to see his girlfriend, Christina, excited to see all his friends.  He left his neighborhood in North Calgary with Christina and two other close friends. 

At 6 PM on a Wednesday evening Christina’s car was plowed into by a speeding truck.  This truck crossed over a median and slammed into Christina’s small car.   On Monday January 6th Francis succumbed to his horrific injuries, single handedly caused by an alleged drunk driver, Mr. Kulwinder Chohan

We never really want to welcome another family to this group, it’s a club no one should have to join.  Hervin has shown amazing strength for his family and such wisdom for a young man. I know his brother Francis is proud of him. 

Please welcome Hervin Pesa.




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