Dec 05, 2014 - Three Years An Angel

It’s was three years ago, when we laid you down to rest Bradley. I will be honest; it’s a giant blur that awful day three years ago.

Not an instant goes by when I “just want you to come home”

Anniversaries like this are hard and even though I tell myself “you are OK” I still have to wonder, hang on to blind faith and hope. I have to trust you and all our other loved ones are in real good hands.

And I do, Brad.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the visitors (your friends, my friends) who went by your resting spot, brought you flowers, a beer…lit a candle. They all remember and we will all never, ever forget you. 

Bradley,you are dearly missed by so many.

At this time I also wish to thank everyone who has continued to think of us, pray for us and most of all remember our Bradley and his two good friends Kole and Thad.

All the private and public messages, emails and phone calls really, truthfully lifted my spirits.

To our family that continues to keep an eye on me, the neighbors and friends that will do anything for me, humor me, listen to me. I can cry all day long with you guy’s.

To the young people who sent me little stories about Brad, and to the acquaintances that always post kind words. These gestures carry me through, this I have no doubt.

To Aimee, who remains so strong and patient and always tries to brighten my day. Brad is so proud and amazed of his little sister.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone.

~Sheri Arsenault~



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