Feb 15, 2015 - Nervous Wreck - A Gentleman's Pact [Music Video]

Written and performed by Kaleb Kaiser along with his bandmates Jacob Kachowski, and Jerry Chamberlain.

This song was written about the tragedy, the loss of Kaleb's very good friends. His feelings, his thoughts, his talent.

Amazing song..........his emotion, his words.


"Before our official album release, I'd like to make everyone aware of what exactly this album is. It is NOT what you hear at concerts. This album was written as a concept album when I was 17 years old about love, life and the loss of innocence.

The album was re-written after the passing of Kole Novak, Bradley Arsenault, Thaddeus Lake, and Chantal Berube to become a dedication to them.

These people have had the biggest influence on my life and truly shaped who I've become.

This album will be my best thanks to them for what they have done for me. This record is nearly four years in the making and I truly hope everyone can take a little something from it." 

Kaleb Kaiser~


Many, many thanks to you, Kaleb Kaiser, your bandmates, Jacob Kachowski and Jerry Chamberlain. I can never really ever express the things or events that have happened in my life, in my world.

You have achieved a truly amazing album, from pure talent, to raw emotion that can only be expressed by such talent and pure heart and such hard work.

This accomplishment defines not only the wonder of music, but your ability to express and share it with all of us. You put your thoughts and feelings into the most understood language of all, young and old, Music.

 “A Gentleman’s Pact” is simply an amazing piece of art, of music, dedication, hard work and staying true to yourself. This is an achievement straight from the heart and soul.

Thank you for being able to do this, I know it’s been a long road. You are a bright light for me and for many others.

Kaleb, Jacob, and Jerry. Thank you for being you....

Sheri Arsenault


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