Mar 31, 2015 - I feel very bad today regarding the ridiculous immigration laws taking effect on April 1st.

 I have met some of the kindest, most hard working people in the last few years everywhere I go.

In 2007 Bradley took on one of his first jobs at the A&W in Leduc, AB. May Sogale-Swedberg and Jhin Rustia Cuetoere just two of the girls from the Philippines that came here to Alberta to work.

These amazing ladies and others took my Bradley under their wing. They respected his good work, his humor and he sure as hell respected them so much. I will always be forever grateful for the love they showed him.

Those were his learning years and he learned much about hard work, responsibility and kindness from these ladies. They all came to this country to make a living, a better world for themselves and their loved ones, not afraid of long hours and hard work, for much responsibility for low pay.

It’s that simple to me. It breaks my heart to pieces just knowing that so many lives will again be changed.

Brad please send much love and light down to all those affected by this decision.


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