Mar 03, 2012 - Well Brad it's been 17 days since your Birthday

 It’s taken me this long to gather all my thoughts. You know we celebrated it with some of your favorite people. People who helped you become the guy you were and people who were so important in your life.

You would have been proud.  We all did a tequila shot for you. Yes, even Karmia and me. And Bev too! You don't see that every day! And we enjoyed it. Don't know if it was the good Tequila Zane brought over or if it was you, making it better.


The friends in Beaumont also went out and celebrated your birthday too.

I miss you terribly, Brad and not a moment goes by when I don't think about you.

Bradley, you are forever in my heart.
Could you give Kole my love, and a huge hug for me, I'm missing him a whole lot too.


I love you Bradley,





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