May 28, 2012 - It was a day of mixed emotions..

It always takes me a few days to absorb, reflect and realize the events in my life, my new life. I didn't know the emotion of so proud, happiness, and such complete sadness could be felt all at the same time.

That was how it went as they called Aimee's name across the stage during her Graduation Ceremony. As I watched my daughter walk so proud to get her diploma, I had the complete feeling of there she is, so beautiful, strong, bright, the world at her feet. The sky is the limit!

Thoughts of my son Brad would not leave my mind. Brad did the exact same thing a year ago. We knew the sky was the limit for Brad too; bright, handsome, the world at his feet.

Saturday, May 26 2012, a day we family and friends were so proud to be there for Aimee, but the 6 month mark of our precious Boys, Brad, Kole and Thad. Everyone knew those 3 Boys would have been there for Aimee and Jill.

They would have been not only so proud of their amazing sisters, but the force behind "this is going to be a party" The antics would have been unforgettable. That was their "style" And Brad, Kole and Thad had a way about them like no others! 

All the girls made Aimee's Day special, all the family friends, Novaks, Vergers, Smiths, Janet and Guy, Holly. As like Aimee, I will hold the memory of that day in my heart forever. The people in my world still hold me up and get me through by just being around.

Karmia said it best "I guess you can't die from a broken heart" 

I will cherish May 26th 2012 in my heart, with pride because I know that's what Bradley would have been, proud of his little sister. Bradley was with me in my heart and thoughts every second of that day. We all miss him terribly.

Bradley, if you wouldn't mind, could you give Kole and Thaddeus a hug for me.




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