Jun 16, 2015 - Now...patience ...I need to have patience.

I don't have to post any news stories; I think everyone got their fill of it.  I haven't looked at any myself. Hate the fact that I even am there, but at the same time I am very honored to represent FFJ when needed.

This was our goal. Markita did so much leg work, MP Mark Warawa and MP James Rajotte really helped us, emotionally and in Ottawa since our first meetings. Those guys are amazing. 

Not only is a "mandatory minimum" (6 years) purposed but what also makes me very happy is many loopholes are covered and they are trying to plug them up. It won't be as easy for defense lawyers to get charges reduced to "dangerous driving causing death" That’s really, really big with me. I have seen so many charges dropped because of our current legislation. It's really complicated and yet so black and white to us.

It was a real learning experience and I can easily see why it honestly takes forever to get a bill passed. Mark Warawa made sure we had the full experience. Although this still will take time, Peter MacKay left it totally open for the next government to carry it out no matter what party is elected.

That I will be forever grateful for. It may be an election issue for the party, can't say for sure. I am going to take him for his word. He got the ball rolling for us and that's what we were asking of him when this first started. Rob Nicholson and then for the last two years Peter MacKay. He did it and was kind enough to include us in this. (on our own dime) He's kind but not that kind lol.

I honestly felt he was genuine....but now someone else will have to work on it. There will be amendments, and changes but a panel of lawyers worked hard on this new legislation for close to two years. Our present legislation for this crime will be gone and this new legislation will one day be law.

Now...patience ...I need to have patience.

It was a crazy 24 hours and I believe Markita may still be in the air. We whipped that banner out every chance we had. In honestly I tear up every time I look at it...."boy, heaven has got quite a crew" That I have no doubt!


THE DANGEROUS AND IMPAIRED DRIVING ACT - Criminal Code Reforms for Transportation-Related Offences


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