Jul 18, 2015 - Notice of abandonment of conviction and sentence appeal

We were informed on July 14th that Mr. John Pratt has given notice "of abandonment of his conviction and sentence appeal"

This could mean many things, he ran out of money, his new lawyer Dane Bullerwell advised him that he would get nowhere, who knows.

He put us through a prelim and a trial. He plead "not guilty" 9 times to our faces. Pratt used his right to appeal causing us yet another year of heartache.

One thing, he cannot do is, change his mind on this.

On behalf of Bradley's family, we again thank the RCMP for such an excellent investigation and the Wetaskiwin Crown for presenting such a strong case.

We knew there was nothing Pratt could appeal simply because all the facts were proven beyond doubt.

Now we wait for this waste of skin to put us through the parole process. 

Thanks everyone,

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