Everything no matter how big or small to most, is such an agonizing decision to me.  Decisions that I am forced into making.  Decisions that I never dreamed I would be making a little over 9 months ago.  

They are not nearly as huge as some decisions we all had to make with our children as they were growing up.  School, activities, how to discipline so that the children would learn how to be responsible young adults, when should they drive, date, the list is endless of decisions we all had to make.  

But as a Mom, I knew this was my job, my duty, my child....I always tried to make the best decisions I could.  I would never steer my children wrong, at least not ever on purpose.

Well this decision seems just as hard as alot of the others as a parent I had to make. Social Media. Facebook. I believe in the powers of the Social Media. More so than I did a few months ago.  

I never liked Facebook until I realized how fast and quick you can get a message out.  The internet and website's are wonderful when you are looking for an answer or have an interest in something, someone, some place.  Just Google it.  

Brad must have said it a million times....." Oh, I'll just Google it"  The thing is he always found an answer that he was satisfied with.  He also liked his Facebook. Maybe not as much as some, but I do believe he could figure out what everyone was up to at any given time through his Facebook.  

I hope he never abused it....that I guess I'll never know.  To this day I am so  thankful that Bradley had made me my Facebook page and made me his "friend"  I just never used it till after he was gone.

The corner I am turning is to close down his Facebook.  I believe it's just time. Things are happening with it, it's just time.  

I suppose I could put this decision off for a while yet, but the time seems right in my heart.

What's so hard, it's just his face book?  Well, it was a part of was "HIS" page. I don't have alot of his things...Bradley was so young, he didn't have alot of things...

The messages that all his friends wrote since the tragedy....sometimes just made my day in days that really couldn't be made!  But through the tears sometimes I could smile...warmed my heart.  Broke my heart....because I could feel the pain in the words by others.  Touching...forever touching.  

Maybe because there were so many, maybe because I didn't necessary even know some of these kids.  But they wrote and they wrote...and I read and I read over and over.  I thank each and everyone of you who wrote and posted pictures.  

A new Facebook page has been made for Bradley.  I had help.  Help in making the decision and help in bringing the page to life.  And that I also thank each and everyone who helped me.  It doesn't seem like such a tough decision, but it was.  It really was.

With this new Facebook page I believe Brad will have even more friends....true real friends....just like all his friends from his personal Facebook.  

Friends were very important to Brad and I believe with this new page made especially for him...more people will see and learn why we loved him so...........He was our Bradley and we are so proud of our son and brother.

Please, we welcome comments, pictures you may have of Brad, your thoughts and feelings.  Your achievements, your dreams, big or small.  Everything would all be important to Brad.  

Brad would want all to have FUN and LAUGH!  Make others LAUGH.  

Live Hard, Love Hard....go hard or stay home!  You can never have too much FUN!  Laugh till it HURTS!

Please "Like" and "Share" his new page.........

Brad......if you wouldn't mind, could you give Kole and Thad a hug for me,

















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