Sep 29, 2015 - With each season there is always a flood of emotions stirred up.

Simply another seasoned passed by and another season without Bradley. I think about Bradley non-stop, all the time. He should be here.

It’s a huge boost to me and all my family knowing that all of you also will never forget him.

My hope is that we all can remember Bradley forever fondly. That his memory will never die and most of all his memory brings a huge smile to our faces.

There are many, far too many to mention who read this page and have also had a tragic loss. I will speak for us all. “one of our biggest fears is that people will forget our child”

I thank everyone for easing this fear. As another season comes in I thank all of you for the comments and likes. In the midst of all the tears, this also brings a smile to my face. 

Thank you everyone,


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