Sep 16, 2012 - We have many people to THANK - Every single signature is GOLD

September long weekend...

We arrived at 10:30 a.m. on a very cold and wet Saturday morning.  Table, red table cloth and petition in hand.  Saturday was skateboarding day, Kole’s day at the Novak’s fundraiser.  Although the weather was miserable, the mood around and in the tent seemed energizing, at least to me.

Dawn Smith had saved a spot for the “Families for Justice” petition table, right beside the face painting table.  Perfect spot.  I was and still am so fortunate to have had Dawn overseeing these tables, along with the tattoo table.  She lined up many volunteers to help with the petition, face painting and tattooing.  All were either adults in Brad and Kole’s world or very good friends.  With all these wonderful people keeping an eye on the petition, I was able to watch some of the skateboarding.  Those troopers, despite the cold, wet conditions were going at it.  Kevin Ryan seemed to never tire and was as always very entertaining!

Aimee and Mel V amongst many others manned the table for awhile and we were able to speak to so many that weekend regarding the laws, justice system, the new law, stiffer sentencing.  The girls… Brittney Harding, Keltie Smith, Kristin Paul-Buksa, so many to mention, you all watched over the “petition” enabling us to enjoy and participate in soccer day.  Dawn spent many hours overseeing that petition and I have been told she approached every man, woman and child (who looked 18) and explained the petition, she is responsible for so many signatures.  That alone allowed me to take it all in. From skateboarding, soccer to Day 3, Music day in honor of Thad.  I can never thank Dawn and all the volunteers enough for that.

Monday we arrived at 2:30 p.m. to hear the speeches and the awards for teams, and the individual awards for Brad, Kole, Thad and Chantal.  The live music was in full swing.   Kaleb Kaiser (A Gentlemen’s Pact) was about to go on.  (Brad and Kole’s very good friend) Kaleb spoke with me right before his set and he had the most exciting news.  Coming out soon will be Kaleb’s CD.  He has been in the studio for months working on it, this CD is dedicated to the boys.  Wow, Kaleb!  All I can say is, I feel so fortunate to know you were such a good buddy, true lifelong friend to my son.  That means so much to us.  Thank you Kaleb.

We were able to see Sam Maroney (Thad’s cousin) so good, what talent, great originals!  Then another good friend of Brad and Kole, the band is called “Love and Lies” Nathan Amstine and 4 of his friends, Garrett Peterson, Anders Biro, Gavin Nash and Clay Francis.  These 5 rocked the place.  Great music.  “Take to the Skies” with Mack Behm and others, another great local band and friends of the boys.  Right down to the last band, out of Calgary, “Run Romeo Run”  They played the last set and really sounded good!

I would like to thank all who helped with the petition, Donna, Bev, Janet, Dawn,(just to name a few, so many) the Face Painters (man, they were impressive) the tattoo girls.  All watched the petition table when I was not there.  Dawn Smith, who seemed to never tire and was able to explain and answer all questions.  Zane and Karmia for hosting this event. 

I would like to thank all the kind people who signed the Petition.  In total we received 140 signatures from this 3 day event.  I also need to mention $425.00 was donated to MADD from various people.  Although this was not a MADD event, I am so grateful for the donations and we all know MADD backs us up and provides support to victims of this senseless crime. 

Every single signature is “GOLD” to myself and many others involved in this Petition.  “GOLD” to us just like Brad, Kole and Thad are!

Thank you,

The Arsenault’s


"Families for Justice" Petition Table Donna, coworker of Brad's  J&C Greenhouse
Kevin Ryan......what heart! Kitty Rogers and Jay Leveque       Tattoo's
Dawn Smith and Brittney Harding Kristin Paul-Buksa and Aimee Arsenault
Kaleb Kaiser- A Gentlemen's Pact Take To The Skies
Sam Maroney Love and Lies

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