Jan 27, 2016 - There's nothing we wouldn't do for you

184 letters personally addressed letters were sent out on January 25th, 2016 to each Liberal MP as they all form our Federal Government today asking them to simply reintroduce Bill C-73 as a Government Bill or support this very important matter if reintroduced as a Private Members Bill.

We have 184 Liberal MP’s sitting in the House of Commons.  Another 154 seats from the opposition and three other parties combined. There were only 34 Liberal MP's sitting in the House during the last Government so I felt it was time to let them know all about "Families For Justice" and Government Bill C-73 introduced last June 16, 2015.

A Government Bill is rarely rejected by the Senate but occasionally amendments are made.  A Private Members Bill is a little harder to pass but I believe this is a non partisan Bill.

Former Justice Minister Peter MacKay assured me “he did not anticipate much opposition on this legislation no matter who formed Government in the fall” (June 16, 2015)   

Some call me an optimist, and I choose to go with that and keep on it with our new Government just the same as I did with our previous Government. It never mattered to me “who” decided to stand on this “hill” just need someone to take charge and help us.  It is non partisan and we know this crime doesn’t discriminate.

I have recently met with 2 of the 4 Liberal MP’s in Alberta (Hon. Amarjeet Sohi and MP Randy Boissonneault) and both have agreed to help with this serious matter. Both recognized how necessary this is for public safety.  Both recognized the loss of not only my son and his two friends but the loss of literally thousands. I explained that we lose averages of 4 Loved Ones a day, every day.

(Meetings are in the works early February for Calgary MP's, Hon. Kent Hehr and MP Darshan Kang)

 In 2014 we lost 2 policemen in a Canadian born terrorist act right in Ottawa’s parliament buildings.  2 in the last 50 years or more!  A Bill was drafted immediately and passed for this crime. But yet…..4 a day, leaving complete families and communities devastated, brokenhearted and altered.  It’s senseless and preventable.   

I truly believe a stiffer sentence is a big piece of the puzzle, it will aid in the decision making of some that regularly drive after consuming large amounts of alcohol. For those that end up in my shoes there will be a touch more justice for their families….just a touch. 

Just another step in this personal ground war. The battle...

  • To see changes in our current sentences and just as importantly to plug the many loopholes used to tie the hands of our police and crown prosecutors to even allow charges to be laid in the first place. 
  • To see a real deterrent in order to prevent these tragedies from happening in the first place.
  • To make the risk not worth taking.
  • Mostly, to save another family from the grief and heartache caused by the choices and actions of drunk drivers who cause death and serious injuries.

I want to thank Bradley’s grandparents George and Florence very much for stuffing envelopes, addressing and mailing off all those letters.  To Bradley’s Uncle Gerard for helping structure our letter and getting us all the necessary information.  I really believe we will get somewhere.

Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks Gerard.  When I look at the stars I see Bradley’s eyes and I feel his gratitude too.  I truly do.

Bradley, there’s absolutely nothing that we all wouldn’t do for you. Today Tomorrow, Till The End Of Time. 

Please give Kole and Thad a hug for us.



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