Sep 27, 2012 - The Best of the Best Because of the Worst of the Worst

September 8th, 2012 - Red Deer MADD Poker Run.

Aimee and I headed out at about 8 a.m.  Loaded up the car with our 3 pictures and the petition.  When we arrived at the Harley Davidson dealership, they were in setup mode.  Brandee and Janel, all their children were there, along with Darren and Aleta.

Janel had coffee waiting for us, hugs all around.  It weird…these are my friends...people I would have never met probably.  I think Darren said it best awhile back “the best of the best because of the worst of the worst”- true definition of “Bittersweet”

The BADD boys from Calgary were there riding in memory of Tony Harrison whose life was taken by a drunk driver on July 15th, 2012.  These guys were great and a lot of fun. 


One rider, Chris, took Aimee for a ride. 

I just didn’t look! 

Aimee says she can now scratch that off her bucket list. 


Jacy and Aimee manned the petition table for the morning and those 2 girls really make me and Janel proud. 

They are such young girls, and they manage so well.  We are so proud. 

They both have such a wonderful outlook and watching them together, makes me proud. 

I know Jacy’s older sister Koralea and Aimee’s older brother Bradley are beaming with pride. I think I can feel it! 

Colton Keeler has the two sweetest little brothers. 

Involved with SADD in the Red Deer school. 

I figure if Colton was anything like his two bro’s than what a kind young man he was.

It is powerful when 40+ Harleys and other bikes all start their engines…..and then they move out 2x2 onto the highway. 

We could see and hear them for a few minutes. They are riding for our loved ones and for MADD. 

It brings tears to my eyes, things like this.

Aleta Neville (president of MADD’s Red Deer chapter) did a wonderful job with this event. 

Set up so nice on a beautiful day. 


Many came by our petition table and told us stories of what they too have been through.

Drinking and Driving affects so many….more than I ever knew. 

The list keeps growing, daily! 

The volunteers for MADD were ever so kind to us.  Such hard working ladies and gents.

We stayed for the BBQ supper, which was fantastic and then headed back home. 

In all we gathered over 70 signatures (gold to us) met such nice people in the Red Deer area. 

Shared our story with many, and heard so many sad stories from others. 


All the stories are somewhat different but the common thread in all is the hole in our hearts and the unjust Justice System that is in place in this country.  There is absolutely nothing that even comes close to some form of Justice.  A constant reminder to why I bring the “Families for Justice” petition everywhere. 

Aimee and I would like to thank Aleta for hosting this event and all our Red Deer and Stettler friends for being there. Thank you to the Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson Dealership.

We don’t have to say anything, we all feel the same.  It’s a road we are all traveling on together.  It’s a form of support that really helps me get through the days. 

Knowing that we WILL get the laws changed together someday is a powerful legacy that we will get done for our children and your children too.  That’s the road and I am determined to stay on this road. 

And as always, I thank everyone who supports me and believes in this mission too. 

Thank you,

Sheri Arsenault

A few more pics...


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