Oct 04, 2012 - We will become a force

I would like to thank all who have signed and all who have taken the "Families for Justice" petition to their workplace, social functions, neighborhoods, family and friends.

More and more we are getting the word out. Sandra Green first told me about Markita and her petition, then Dawn Smith found her and made contact.

Melissa Blacquiere has graciously taken on the task of being the point person for the "Families for Justice" petition in the Calgary and Airdrie area.

Diane Cabush has generously volunteered to man the "Families for Justice" petition for us in the south side area of Edmonton.

Now in Alberta alone we have Dawn, Diane, Melissa, and myself with this petition.

We will become a force and in that there will be change. We will never know the names of the lives saved, but we will know by the STATS.

That is the legacy that we will all leave with BECAUSE of our dear children, friends or neighbors.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I know you do it for Brad, Kole and Thad.....and all the victims of this senseless crime. It really means a lot to me, Markita Kaulius, and many other families.


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