Jul 28, 2016 - I know a cat is a cat but there was something about 'ManCat'

 Not because “ManCat” was our cat, a part of our little family but truly there was something special about “ManCat” I called him “Man” for short.

Man knew exactly when to comfort me and how. And it wasn’t only me, he changed Rob’s perception of cats all on his own.

Man also knew when to annoy me and how. Seriously, cats don’t comfort me! Humans have a hard time at that, but cats? “Man” did.

Strange? Yes I would agree. A typical cat, never comes when you call him. Really just eats and sleeps, but I noticed something weird about 4 years ago and I honestly believe or chose to believe “Bradley’ was sending “Man” thoughts.

Thoughts of when to come and ‘show the love' when I’m feeling so unbelievably sad, when I’m alone. “Man” would just show up, on my laptop keyboard, on my lap actually in my face.

Purring like the true majestic lion he was. All of a sudden a different cat, a truly comforting purr. And then he would be gone just like that. I could breathe again, gather my thoughts. Hmmm?

I believe with my whole heart this cat we call ManCat “could see through the veil”

Thanks for that “ManCat”.

R.I.P Man. We will always remember you and your cat antics. Your cat spirit lives on for us.

Sheri, Rob and Aimee

Bradley, please feed and water “Man’ for us. I promised him you would. You owe him….



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