Apr 20, 2017 - "Goin' to Winnipeg"

That phrase has a whole new meaning to us.

Friday, April 21, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. we will witness what will most likely be another atrocity inflicted on the real victims. Before our very eyes Pratt will most likely play and become a victim. We are prepared for that.

After a mere 2.5 years of Johnathan Pratt’s 8 years sentence for the manslaughter of Brad, Kole and Thad, Mr. Pratt is now asking to be released on full parole. He spent more time dragging 3 families through the courts and appealing his sentence and conviction then what he has served.

Pratt showed no mercy to the victims, to all who loved those three young men. Pratt, never demonstrated any remorse, sorrow or responsibility for the horrific deaths he alone caused. The heartache he put on three families, many friends and 3 communities cannot be measured.

Will he be possibly demonstrating remorse because it’s “Parole Time”? Did he wake up in prison one day and come to the conclusion “Maybe I did it?” His family never expressed any sympathy or sorrow for the families, not once.

We promise to do our best for Bradley and his two friends, Kole and Thad and I can only pray the Parole Board puts some weight in our written statements.

“TIME” doesn’t lessen my grief, “Time” only aids Pratt. Something tells me he will have no problem putting my son’s death behind him. That cannot be said for me.

This one’s for you Brad. I love you more than words can say.
Please give Kole and Thad a hug for us. 


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