Oct 20, 2017 - FOREVER YOUNG - Video

I want to thank every single one of you that continue to stand by me, walk with me down this truly painful road. Your messages of support are deeply heartfelt. Many of you walk in the same painful shoes that I wear and I want you to know every single angel is remembered and represented at all times, without a doubt. 

Two things…firstly I would like to share my 5 minute video meant to symbolize the inconceivable heartache and sorrow that four Canadian families experience every single day in our country.

This video (both English and French, their regulations) was viewed right before my verbal presentation. I gave a victim's perspective and then I got down to the facts.

My complete focus was on “impaired drivers that cause death, and I didn't hold back. I spoke directly on the need for accountability, public safety and how the purposed legislation misses the mark completely.

I asked for non partisan consideration on amending the new legislation despite one’s ideology. What is more serious than death? Why is those that cause death by other means considered serious but not if behind the wheel, impaired? Why?

Secondly, I mentioned I am regrouping. I know that I will need all your help in the very, very near future. Just a minute or two of your time. I will admit I am weary, more than disappointed, but at the same time, I just don’t have that word “Quit” in my vocabulary. Families for Justice does not have that word….

Sheri Arsenault

~Dedicated to ALL our Angels~


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