Nov 25, 2012 - Candles, Food, and a Stiff Drink - I Know What Brad Would Think

It probably all started sometime in October. 

A lot of people were asking me if I had given any thought to the upcoming 1st year anniversary date. 

At the time the word “November” gave me chills…I really didn’t even want to think about it.

It was on my mind but I was lost on what to do or whether to do anything at all

Suggestions were made and one suggestion seemed to stay in my mind.

Kept coming back to the front of my mind.

To have a Candle Light walk from St.Vital church to the Beaumont skatepark.

At first I wanted to keep it private, mostly because I didn’t know how this would affect me. 

What kind of a day would I be having? 

Maybe better with just family and close friends

But as November descended upon us, Aimee was positive many would like this idea and it would be good for all.

She was right.

With enormous help from my sister Sandra, we were able to get ribbon, candles, holders and a short verse put on each candle.
I could not have even attempted this by myself. 

Even placing an article in the newspaper was stressful to me at the time.

I actually never knew I could even tie decent bows..I can!

Friends popped by to help set up my home to accommodate a potluck afterwards.

One dear friend even came by and vacuumed, got the coffee pot ready…basically took care of all sorts of things. 

How did she know...not that my house needed vacuuming but that I silently needed her! 

With all the help, love and support...I was feeling OK, actually not bad at all.

Even the weather looked like it was going to cooperate.

Then the phone stared to ring…The Journal, CTV, Global, The Sun.

I was able to interview with all and keep it together. 

Why...because I knew the Town of Beaumont walked beside us that evening. 

So many braved the chill, put aside their plans, and spoke with the media, young and old alike.

The talk from Marlo Jenkins at Brad’s resting place was as I describe it, “soothing”.

Helping us all in celebration of the young lives. 

My father also spoke very well to us.

The candle light walk itself was absolutely beautiful. 

Something I will never forget and same for others.

Jeff Smith spoke with such conviction at the skateboard park, unforgettable talk to all of us. 

Honoring all and helping us all move forward.

Thank you to all who brought over the excellent food and were able to attend the potluck afterwards.

The friends of Brad and Kole, you know I love seeing you guys and gals, especially with a smile on your faces. 

Diane, who brought over 224 signatures!!  Wow!

One comment made was

“Well, I never saw people eating in your laundry room before.”

That is a first, I will admit.

The whole house was full of laughter and good company visiting each other. 

So heart warming to see.

After most had left only family and a few friends were still here. 

I told my mother “all I want is a stiff drink.”

I really think I was about to burst into tears.

I really wanted a stiff drink and I mean STIFF! 

So that’s what we did.

All the mom’s and ladies had not only one but two really stiff drinks while the husbands watched on (drivers).


We shared a few Bradley stories...we laughed, we bonded and it felt damn good. 

Now wouldn’t Brad get a kick out of that? 

I can see his grin so clear in my mind, I can hear him laughing. 

“Grandma’s having a super stiff drink” (actually two).

Maybe he was behind this.  Just saying….



Brad if you are not too busy right now, could you give everyone a hug for us?

Ask Kole and Thad to help. 

Love you Bradley.



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