Jan 18, 2013 - What can a mother say...it's all just PLAIN, SIMPLE, HARD

What can a mother say…it’s been 14 months and we still know so little about the man called Johnathan Robert Pratt.  Not a word…not a boo!

Am I ready for Monday Jan. 21st?  Hard to say ....it's hard not having any control on what seems so obvious to me…it's hard on all the families...it is all just plain, simple, hard.

If Mr. Pratt thinks the emotion is gone, well he is wrong, very wrong.  Not one bit...not for all of Brad’s family, friends and neighbors.  Not even for people that learned all about Bradley since the tragedy.  My son Brad and his buddies, Kole and Thad have a whole world of people in their corner; this is a fact and facts apparently are what it’s all about.

This leads me to my week.  About 10 days ago Markita Kaulius mailed me out a dozen or so Families for Justice buttons.  To wear to court and to wear everywhere. 

Families for Justice, a group not afraid to speak out and to advocate for change, a group of moms, dads, sisters, brothers and friends. 

We support each other and we work tirelessly together.  Not for ourselves or our lost ones, but for the future.  For everyone’s loved ones.

Now this leads me to my neighbor and friend Lauryann Tessier.  I spoke with her a week ago...my plan was to get buttons and ribbon made up and ordered and HERE by the 19th of January. 

Kind of impossible since I have not an ounce of artistic skills, no vision…all I have some days is just tears and a few ideas. 

Well thought out plans that remind me of Bradley…”they change every 10 minutes sometimes”.  So much going on in my head it seems.

Lauryann took the ball and ran.  She did it all for me.  So much so, I could get it off my mind.  The only small worry I had was “will they make it here on time”. 

Not only did they make it, but with Lauryann’s artistic eye and know how…they are beautiful.  Just simply awesome!  3 different colors of ribbon...perfect size…delivered to her door.

Now don’t ask me how many feet of ribbon Lauryann cut…lots...then out came the glue gun.  Heated and aimed and ready to fire.  The real meaning of “Gun Control”.  My job was to stick the ribbon through the pins.  Did not bleed once!!

With Lauryann and her mother’s help and 1 bottle of wine…we made quite a few.  We will have enough for everyone.

That is my vision for the Court!!  Let’s show the world, let’s all be in this together to save lives...let’s do it for Brad, Kole, Thad and so many, many, more.

Let’s make a statement! I have been inspired by not only my son…but by so many others that walk this road with me.  Inspired in many different ways from so many. 

I want this road to not be so busy……

My fight face is on and I am ready to go.

Brad you know the drill…could you give Kole and Thad a hug for me…Oh and don’t forget the others, never forget the others. 

Tell them all...it’s ON!

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