Jan 19, 2013 - Our case will unfold the way it unfolds

After all this time, the prelim is set to start Monday January 21st at 9:30 a.m. at the Leduc Courthouse. Our requested meeting with the prosecutors was held Thursday Jan 17th.  I knew going into this meeting it would be the only chance I had to speak and let the prosecution team know exactly how I felt. 

After this, we have to be quiet and let them do their job. I felt it was important that I had my final say and all my thoughts spoken for what it’s worth. For Brad. The two prosecutors, Mr. Gordon Hatch and Mr. Ryan Pollard answered all our questions and expressed their sincere condolences to us.

I implored them to fight hard for my son Brad, and his friends Kole and Thad reminding them that they are their voices. They promised me they would, fight hard for what they call justice in this country of ours. It’s all I could do; everything else is out of my control.

A wise and compassionate man told me yesterday “I also reconfirmed my belief that the justice system cannot form part of our healing. There is no consolation, relief or justice available through this portion of the event. The only change or improvement that could be considered to reduce these tragedies is through parliament.” He is so right on all levels.

I agree 101% with this statement. It’s all I can think about. Our case will unfold the way it unfolds, but our fight for others is something still in our control.  

Along with Families for Justice and MADD Canada, we will continue to advocate each and every day so no other families will have to go through this. So society recognizes this crime for what it is, violent, senseless, avoidable and worthy of serious consideration.  It is vehicular homicide.


I invite all who can make it to the Prelim (Leduc Courthouse) to come if possible.  We will have our “Families for Justice” buttons and we will make our presence known. We will show the world we are not going away.  Our role will be to let the world know that the terrible loss we suffered is real and these three boys were real and very much loved and just trying to get home.


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