Feb 19, 2013 - Our day at Rabbit Hill

Dawn and I arrived at the ski hill this past Sunday at about 10:30am with our 3 boys in tow, our easels, petitions, red table cloth, MADD ribbons, Family for Justice buttons, and the unbelievably awesome framed picture of Brad and Kole in midair taken a couple of years ago at Rabbit Hill.  We had the picture wrapped in a large towel and put it away.  The manager, Derrick, gave us two tables to do our thing, so we set up and away we went.
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The really tough thing for Dawn and I was telling people who these three handsome young men are and what happened to them.  Most people just took one look and you could see it in their eyes as they try to imagine. Dawn went through a few tissues.  We had some absolutely amazing people chat with us. Some people signed with such enthusiasm and others we had to explain a little.
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You meet all kinds, some just sign, others ask questions and some rant about our laws. (Don’t blame them one bit, so do we). I only noticed two people actually read the petition.  The young people asked no questions at all, you barely had to say a word to them. We definitely had to do more talking with the older people.
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Actually, Dawn and I noticed we had the most “No’s” today compared to other events.  It seemed generally they were elderly and most were men, could be just the day. Don’t want to judge.  We kept our cool…but oh if looks could kill, Dawn and I be up on a couple charges!

We have learned to not take it personally, but damn it, when a 35 year old mother says “no thanks” with a couple of teenaged boys in tow, well, that really made us shake our heads.

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We had a young boy about 14 (Brant) take one look at Brad, Kole and Thad and then he literally recited almost in detail all about this Beaumont tragedy.  With our mouths hanging open we asked where he was from.  “Spruce Grove” he answered. 

It seems a Sherwood Park investigator and an EMT spoke to a group of firefighters and he was there.  Spoke to them so well it just sunk in, he absorbed it all. That alone was amazing and incredible to us. He remembered every detail of this talk. Anyone who was at our preliminary trial knows exactly who that investigator is. He was so professional at his job and I thank him everyday for his due diligence.

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Another young lady grabbed a pen and signed so quick...she gets it!  Her own uncle smashed into a car and paralyzed a 12 year old girl.  He was sentenced to 18 months and even though he is her uncle, she said that was not nearly enough. 

Complete families were signing the Families for Justice Petition We also met a young man that was a Grande Prairie Warrior.  Another lady, Lindsay Weselak-Thomson from Beaumont actually took a petition binder from us, grabbed the pictures of Bradley and Kole from a Grade 4 ski trip and went canvassing table to table in the busy Chalet.  A stranger to us, a mother. Wow! That’s the support that not only amazes us, it’s what gets us through.

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We presented the Ski Hill with the framed picture, on behalf of the Smith family (Beaumont), the Arsenault family (Leduc County) and Families for Justice (Canada) with the following inscription:

The signatures are just gold to us, at least 125 golden signatures collected today!  And the framed picture of Brad and Kole, hung on a Rabbit Hill Chalet Wall, absolutely PURE GOLD. Forever Golden our Brad, Kole and Thad, Forever Golden.

On behalf of Dawn Smith and myself, we thank and appreciate everyone who signed today and everyday.  For every innocent angel out there it is why we do it. The support from close and afar is what keeps us going.

We are on a mission and there is no such thing as give up or give in. There’s no quit in the phrase “Families for Justice”

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,


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