Feb 25, 2013 - The Week with a Silver Lining

I knew it would be an emotional week right from the very start.  From the moment the sun came up. 

Monday February 11th marked the 1st year anniversary for Koralea Boettger.  It was only the day before, on Sunday, that I was in Calgary at the Global TV station with Janel and two other heartbroken families, Drew Wilkins from Grand Prairie and Kim and Kayla Thomas from Cochrane. Four devastated families. In that room, when combined together, nine young lives were stolen tragically by drunk drivers. 

My first stop Monday morning was the Beaumont High School (B.H.S.). I wanted to stop by the SADD booth that was set up and purchase a “flower gram” for each of the students involved with the SADD committee.  I spoke with the girls at the booth, Kitty Rogers and Kelsey Kropiniski. They do this because they care, they really do!  The last two presidents of the B.H.S. SADD committee were Marriya Jenkins in 2011 (Brad and Kole’s year) and Mel Verger in 2012. Both are amazing young ladies and truly dear friends of Bradley. The SADD committee is so special to me, beyond words. 

I had my cry from the B.H.S. to my next stop, the MADD office in Edmonton.  First I stopped to pick up my neighbor and friend Marion from her office.  She literally works right across the street from the MADD office. 

Marion had donations for MADD.  Donations in memory of her husband Kevin.  MADD is the organization that the Novacaska family chose! Kevin was taken from all who loved him on the morning of January 21st. 2013 while getting ready for our preliminary trial. Massive heart attack.  There are other great charities that come to mind, but this special family holds Brad dear to their hearts.  Now is that an amazing gesture or what?  Both Gillian from MADD and I thank the Novacaska’s from the bottom of our hearts.

Marion and I went for lunch, from there many plans evolved regarding a Families for Justice (FFJ) team for the annual MADD/SADD Spin-a-thon held at the B.H.S.  We made a plan to meet Wednesday evening.

After a day of MADD and SADD and the anniversary of Koralea, what more could happen?  In the evening I got a message from Quinn Martin (a friend of Brad’s). I had invited Quinn to come over and get a jacket of Brad’s.  I knew this would mean a great deal to him. 

What a nice young man, he couldn’t choose, needed my advice. Quinn wanted to make the right choice.  So I did what Brad would do...told him to take all three that he liked.  I offered to get them cleaned for him, Quinn’s exact words were “they’re better this way”. Those words melted my heart and for a few moments I felt a touch of peace.  I know Quinn will always cherish those coats and he brought a little sunshine into my grey world that evening.

Wednesday evening as I drove out my driveway, just going next door, what do I see?  Three deer at the end of my driveway.  Not two, not four or six, but three beautiful deer.

I know I live in the country, but to me this was a sign. The Three Amigos!!  I never mentioned this to Marion.  Three of us neighbors met and our FFJ spin-a-thon team is starting to evolve with the amazing possibility of the company “Jet Lube of Canada” sponsoring us.

Thursday, Valentine’s Day.  There is one valentine that I miss terribly.  My usual is getting chocolate for Rob, Brad and Aimee.  I still did. Lindors is Brad’s favorite. This long day ended with receiving the most exciting news.  Best email ever!  The FFJ petition was introduced to the House of Commons by MP Mark Warawa of Langley B.C.  Just a huge step, a real huge step in my opinion.  Tears again, but happy tears for just a moment.  We are making a difference!  I honestly believe this with everything I know to be real and true.

It’s now Friday February 15th, Bradley’s birthday.  Time for a TBH (To Be Honest...for those who don’t know). This day was absolutely the hardest day in a while.  Despite all the good news all week, I really had a hard time. 

To me it seems birthdays become memorial days.  You remember the moment your son or daughter came into this world, the best day of your life.  Then all you think about is what they are missing and all they will miss.  Every turn I took was just tears. I guess I did what I had to do, but it was difficult.

Next year I may come up with a different plan for what will be Bradley’s 21st birthday.

Saturday and Sunday were days of a different sort of excitement.  In Cochrane AB, the FFJ petition was set up during the weekend at the Spray Lakes Rec. Center.  Cheryl Kantor and Marla Lawton of Cochrane did this on behalf of Brandon Thomas and all our angels. 

Sunday, Dawn Smith and I set up the FFJ petition at Rabbit Hill on behalf of Brad, Kole and Thad and so many others.  We are their voice. We donated a framed picture of Brad and Kole in mid air to the ski resort.  Forever Young and Forever Loved on a wall at Rabbit Hill.  Forever Golden!  Both venues were very successful, in total over 200 signatures collected!


Bradley and Koleo..are going snowboarding today..both angels will be with us today at Rabbit Hill Ski Resort...this we know!

What a week, not all weeks are like this, but there’s one more day, Monday February 18th, Family Day.  As many know Bradley was born on the first ever family day in Alberta, twenty years ago.  As I moped around the house alone procrastinating about this blog, (Rob had to work and apparently so did Canada Post) I received by snail mail the most beautiful card ever!   Addressed to me, but for Bradley, from my sister Sandra and my brother-in-law Lorne. 

Is this the silver lining?  I’ve always tried to understand that statement.  Beautiful card, beautiful, meaningful words.  A cheque to use for something in Brad’s memory.  Whether it’s used for his scholarship or his Youth Center Award, or maybe even someday a park bench at the Beaumont Skate Park…my head is full of ideas.

This gift is going in a little jar for our Brad, the start of a very heartfelt collection jar.

To have special people in our world having a part in keeping Brad’s memory alive.  After a week of a roller coaster ride, emotions from so high to so low, that piece of mail in a lime green envelope is the SILVER LINING!  I do believe I have complete understanding of what that “saying” means now.

Bradley, if you and all your friends are done celebrating your 20th birthday, could you give Kole and Thad a hug for me.   What the heck, have a community hug for all of us.

My sincere thanks to all who read my words,



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