Mar 30, 2013 - The people who make a difference

I think back to the beginning of 2012...pretty fuzzy to be honest.  I remember waiting and waiting for Pratt (POS) to be charged.  Finally, on Jan. 16th he was.  Seemed many useless 5 minute court dates followed.  And here we are no closer to any kind of closure whatsoever.

I think back to my last year…this year was like no other as it was the start of life after Brad.  Just about everyday brought a new experience it seemed.  A lot of heartache mixed with such strong emotions.  I will admit I spent many, many moments being very, very angry. 

Mad at pretty much everything and anything that has to do with drunk drivers.  From the selfish individuals that do it, right down to our sad state of a legal system in Canada, provincially and federally. I blame the drunks as well as our system, at times almost equally. 

I have learned my son is nothing but a stack of papers to the very same people that are paid by us to get us reasonable justice.  The Warriors in Grande Prairie were an example of what a shambles our justice system is and those who run it.  My heart aches every moment for the Warriors and their wonderful families.  How strong are these folks…

Something that stands out prominently in my mind is some of the people I have met during this very long year.  Each person has helped me in ways I cannot really convey into words.  Words just don’t seem to adequately express thankfulness to all to these wonderful people.

I believe the list is so long because many others walk in the very same shoes, many because they just care so much, and many because Bradley or Kole or Thad were in their world for a time.

Then there is family and friends, coworkers and neighbors, the Community.  I truly understand what that word “Community” means.  The best of the best, and I don’t need to say anything, they all know.  I sometimes catch myself saying, I am so lucky…and then I stop myself because the truth is, I don’t feel very lucky most times.  I don’t like that word so much.

I want to mention some of the greats in my world, Gillian, Aleta and Denise.  MADD ladies...each has also lost a child or someone very special.  When they speak, I listen.  Each has such a gentle way about them whether talking to me or speaking to a full room.  I hang on every word.  Imprinting in my mind.  Words spoken so very true but most of all so heartfelt.  Honest genuine...they speak from experience, not just words!  They also fully support our Families for Justice petition.  

Change Change Change in the sentencing. Minimum sentencing is desperately needed. That is where the fight begins, and that is what I believe will change the attitude that some have regarding this crime. Those who commit it and those who deal with it in our courts. There MUST be a serious determent right from all sides of this coin.  

They are NOT all alcoholics...most are binge drinkers.  Having fun…it’s the weekend, just got paid.  Many excuses! Most of all they are not the VICTIM!!  The education is out there and has been for many years.  The punishment from getting caught to causing fatalities is where the problem lies.  Not enough of a punishment for those who decide to drink and drive. 

Every crime that I have studied in the last year showed the number of cases became much lower when a true punishment was implemented.  Kidnapping in the U.S. went down from 1300 to 3 a year when the death penalty was put in after the Lindbergh kidnapping.  Just like that! There was 1300 kidnappings and after a serious sentence was implemented the stats went down to 3 in one year! 

Now did the law change because Charles Lindbergh was famous?  Could be, that would not surprise me. I guess the determent was there.  How about the seatbelt law? If the fine was only $2.00, all it would cost me is $14.00 a week or $56.00 a month to sneak around with no seatbelt on.  But that wouldn’t be much of a determent as oppose to a fine of $115.00 or $805.00 a week or $3220.00 a month.  I’m thinking that is reason enough to wear your seatbelt!  The pocket book speaks volumes to most people in this country.  Take away the privilege of driving.  The stats would drop, I guarantee this. 

Drinking and driving IS the main cause of criminal death in Canada. Guns and knife murders don’t even come close to 4 a day.  Everyday there is another Sheri Arsenault, or a Sandra Green, or a Markita, Janel…the list is thousands and thousands of names long.  Everyday single day, four more are added to this list! 

It’s quite obvious that what is currently being done now by our justice system is not working.  The judges need to step up to the plate, protect the very public that pays taxes and their salaries.  So do the politicians.  Sooner or later it will happen to one of them as no one is immune. 

This is what we are working towards, I do not want another Sheri, Sandra, Markita or Janel.  Our shoes need not be worn by any others, enough innocent angels in heaven right now. Enough heartbroken moms and dads, sisters and brothers…on and on. 

Today, I delivered 1800 signatures supporting the Families for Justice petition to Mr. James Rajotte, MP for Edmonton-Leduc.

After Mr. Rajotte has them checked by the ‘petitions clerk’ he will introduce them in parliament.

He has promised to keep us updated and to work with MP Mark Warawa.  He continues to strongly recommend that we continue to work to get other MP’s on board. Lastly, he will be delivering our letter to Federal Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson requesting a meeting and is very optimistic that we will get one.

Thank you to my family, my friends, each and every one of you!  I thank you, Bradley thanks you.  Tonight I feel strong, tomorrow I just can’t say.

Brad, could you give Kole and Thad a hug for us? 

Could you send warmth and laughter to all in your world and in my world? 

I love you Brad.



The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the
most credentials, the most money...or the most awards.
They simply are the ones who care the most.

~Charles Schulz


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