Jul 14, 2013 - We're just going to keep going until someone listens to us


“the legacy we want our children to leave behind is that as  their moms and dads, we tried, we tried to do something ... We believe in rehabilitation, but we want a sentence that actually fits the crime because it’s a senseless crime and it’s preventable."
— Sheri Arsenault


Sheri Arsenault holds a photo of her son Bradley Arsenault, 18, at her acreage south of Edmonton on Sunday. Bradley Arsenault and two friends were killed Nov. 26, 2011 by an alleged drunk driver. On Monday Sheri will travel to Vancouver to talk to Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson about mandatory minimum sentencing for drunk drivers that cause fatalities.

Joined by hands, hearts and minds - Markita and Sheri will represent each family in the upcoming meeting today with the Justice Minister Hon. Rob Nicholson in Vancouver

Three passionate Mothers working hard with in Families For Justice and on behalf of all Canadians to bring about change. L-R Markita Kaulius, Anna Mariner, Sheri Arsenault.




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