Sep 29, 2013 - The day began almost perfect...

...Perfect in the weather, perfect in the excitement, perfect in the crowd, the volunteers, the family, friends and neighbors - a great day to have a “good old fashioned” soccer game.  When I say “almost perfect” it’s because we could have used exactly 3 more guy’s….their skill, their smiles, their humor, their very selves. 

When I see all the school friends, teammates, good friends of Brad, they are all young men and women now.  Their personalities, smiles, enthusiasm, their energy, just the way they hold themselves,  I cannot think of anything except how proud their parents must be of all of them.  How proud our community should be of them.  It’s easy to see.

Our community, the Town of Beaumont has been a tremendous support system for my family.  Many of the businesses knew Bradley, but it’s more than that.  The kindness, encouragement, and willing to help us out is priceless. 

I truly believe that this community of Beaumont is like no others, I am so proud to support Beaumont businesses. Our tragedy, the loss of three young men, Brad, Kole and Thad has made an impact on this community.  This I have witnessed with my own eye’s and ears.

Beaumont’s M&M’s owner Kathy Bursey, helped us without hesitation.  A mother, a business woman, and in my view a community leader.  My words with Kathy will always be remembered. 

Sobeys’s,  Jeb’s No Frills, and Mr. Brent Hergott of Tim Horton’s so graciously donated to help us with whatever we needed for a successful and memorable soccer game.   I cannot express enough gratitude for the support from these Beaumont businesses.  Two years ago, I would have never imagined….

The town for the field and BSA Mr. Martin Carnegie for the equipment.

Hydril Tenaris (Mr. Dave Verger) for the loan of the BBQ and In Any Event (Mrs. Lauryann Tessier) for the help with the trophies.  Diane Cabush, our First Aider who manned the Families For Justice table, your help is immeasurable.

Danuta Rudy who again offered her famous perogies to raise funds for the Thaddeus Lake Music Foundation. 

And most of all, to Aimee, for organizing this event for her big brother Brad.

To the four coaches, Lyndon Mitchell, Peter Dunn, (The Anchormen) Dave Verger and Brad’s dad, Rob Arsenault (Hip and Knees, Tragically), you made our day full of laughter, with all the comments and remarks and it WAS about winning!  That is Bradley’s style and there is no sense in trying to rewrite history.  My son liked to win, this I know without a doubt.

The game was great from the goaltenders down…young skilled players, friends, cousins, and school mates, absolutely everyone involved.  Neck and neck till the end.  Needed an extra 10 minutes!  A tie is like “kissing your sister” Brad always said, so we just had to go European.  A shootout!  Not only amusing but finally determined a winner.  I am so please to say “that’s the team I was on, won!!”  Winner!!!   The Anchormen are the Sept. 2013 champions!!

Lastly, I want to thank the soccer players and spectators that came out to play and watch.  None of this at all would be possible without you. With everyone’s support, you all make a dream into a reality.  We all had fun, we played a great game of soccer, fantastic weather, great coaches, excellent food. 

Most of all we made a MEMORY! A very, very good memory.  Bradley and his two good friends Kole Novak and Thaddeus Lake were the three stars of that game and that I also have no doubt.

Hope to see all of you next year.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Sheri, Rob and Aimee

Brad, take off your soccer socks and then give Kole and Thad a hug from Beaumont and friends.
I love you,


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