Jan 01, 2014 - As I try to reflect back on 2013...part 1

So much has happened in my life.  In the last twelve months, most times I just can’t believe it all.  My daily life, my world used to be so normal, so routine.  I realize now it was “happy, content” it was a normal, a happy lifestyle that most of us are living.  Some ups and some downs.  The “downs” now seem very trivial and the “ups” seem extremely enormous.

We started off 2013 with the Preliminary hearing for Johnathan Pratt, accused of nine charges. Allegedly killing my son, and his two friends while drinking and driving.  Very, very horrific. This was the first time any of us have seen him in person.  I can honestly say I looked him in the eyes many times and there is nothing, no look of remorse, no look of shame, no look of fear. Nothing, and that bothers me.  How can any human be like this?  Some would call him a monster, I think Brad would.  Brad was the opposite of this kind of person, Brad took full responsibility for his mistakes and Brad also knew right from wrong in my opinion.  But I guess this has to be proven yet.  All I know is a technicality will never mean this man did not do this.  The result of what he did is quite obvious and is a fact.

On January 21st ,as we were all tortured by the details of my son’s violent death, and at the same time astounded by the excellent RCMP investigation, we were informed of another sad tragedy on that very day, at the courthouse.  Our neighbor and good friend Kevin Novacaska passed away due to a massive heart attack while getting ready to go to the courthouse.

 It will never be forgotten Kevin’s support, his friendship and his commitment to Bradley over the previous fourteen months of Kevin’s life.  All donations were donated to MADD at Kevin’s funeral.  An amazing gesture from an amazing family, the Novacaska’s.

February brought us what would be Brad’s 20th birthday. February 15th.  I will admit out loud, hard to find joy in days like this, just too heartbreaking.

On February 26th my sister and I were sitting in the Stettler courthouse, with the family of a young beautiful girl, Koralea Boettger (17). 

We were there for support as Kora’s family was navigating their way through the preliminary trial of accused and (now) convicted Trevor Dahl.  He took the life of Koralea. Black and white!  Sitting through that prelim and learning the facts of what Trevor Dahl did, what one of his friends did was unbelievable still to me to this day.

The ignorance and pathetic behavior by Trevor Dahl was revealed. It is fact. How he acted like a lunatic for many hours after, wrecking an ambulance, how his good friend Rodney Nelson took off, refused to help, because “he didn’t want to get in trouble” how drunk and wasted this jerk was. How he screamed from Stettler to Red Deer that he killed her literally for hours and then the moment he finally sobered up…guess what?  Get a lawyer and make them (taxpayer) prove it.  Have the Boettger family suffer more, cause a trial.  While out on bail, Trevor Dahl broke bail somewhere up to 8 times. I lost count. No regard or respect for the law. Trevor Dahl isn’t bright enough to even follow his bail conditions. 

The story ends with Dahl taking a deal months later because waiting for his trial, he would have been longer in jail than taking the pathetic deal of 2 years offered to him.  He will serve probably 4-5 months.  I actually heard his mother say out loud to the media “I am so proud of my son Trevor”  Wow....raised with the monkeys act like a monkey, that saying comes to mind.

At the very same time as we were in Stettler, the sentence was handed down for the Four Grande Prairie Warriors. Killed by Brenden Holubowich just one month before Brad, Kole and Thad. The Warriors and their wonderful families were very much on all our minds.  Precedent, just this once?  Not to happen.  Brenden Holubowich was given a 3 year sentence, for driving dangerous causing death.  Holubowich ran like a coward and then drank some more.  That was his defense, and the deal offered was sweet.  Out of his 3 years sentence for killing 4 and seriously injuring a 5th Brenden Holubowich went to prison on Feb. 27th  2013.

Out on October 10th  2013.  Seven short months served, never missed a Christmas.  Unfortunately these two were brought up to look for technicalities, blame anyone but yourself, show no accountability, justify their mistakes. Take the easy way out. They are home safe and sound. Our children will never come home, no lawyer can help us, not money, nothing can bring my son home.

March we spent most of our efforts writing and meeting with MP’s and MLA’s.  Gathering more and more support for the Families for Justice petition.  Always in mind was securing a meeting with Canada’s Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson.  On March 11th and 12th FFJ had round table meeting with the minister in Vancouver and Edmonton.  Full support was received.

April 12th and 13th we (FFJ) signed up for the Annual MADD/SADD spinathon held at the Beaumont High school.

In all over $3000.00 dollars were raised by us for MADD at Bradley and Kole’s high school.  Our FFJ team was unbelievable and the community support is indescribable.

The love was shown for Brad,Kole and Thad, although Edmonton MADD asked me to remove Brad, Kole and Thad's pictures for reasons not given, I know without a doubt MADD did appreciate the donation and all the other funds we have raised for MADD.  It couldn’t be raised without the community support of all those who knew Brad, Kole and Thad and all those who are just so caring. The pictures stayed!



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