Jan 01, 2014 - As I try to reflect back on 2013...part 2


April 24th brought me to a private meeting with the Honorable Jonathan Denis (Alberta’s Justice Minister) and later the same day a meeting with Rod Knecht (Edmonton Police Chief).  Both meetings were very well received and full support for the petition was made clear.

April 26th-28th I had the honor to be invited to the 2013 MADD National Conference for victims.  FFJ was allowed a table there for even more education and awareness.  I thank Denise Dubyk (President of MADD) for helping us with this.  I came home wiser, came home knowing I am not alone. Met the best of the best because of the worst of the worst.  It is so difficult to see your son’s face and name everywhere as a victim along with thousands of others.  And this is only a small fraction of the victims. Again heartbreaking.

The month of May brought FFJ to the Cochrane Trade Show on behalf of Brandon Thomas (17) Kim Thomas (mother) and Kayla Thomas (sister) work so hard with the FFJ petition.  Getting their MP’s on board.  In the name of Brandon and so many other angels.

May 14th brought us word from our prosecution team (Mr. Gordon Hatch and Mr. Ryan Pollard) that a Direct Indictment has been issued by the Attorney General Jonathan Denis.  Enough delays, Five week trial date set for April 28th-May 23rd, 2014. Judge and Jury.  This is a very rare move made by the government, but for my family we feel the boys were now given a sliver of respect and a sliver of justice.

June 22nd was the 1st Annual Blues Run.  A 5km run put on by a Beaumont lady, Bonnie Jordan.  She really believes in exercise but she also wanted to do this for a cause that was important to her.  For victims of drunk driving.  I met and spoke with Bonnie and was so touched and encouraged by this gesture.  She welcomed FFJ to her event and I was thrilled to help out.  The support was 100%; that was a good day. 

Throughout the summer, Markita Kaulius (FFJ President) held many events honoring her daughter Kassandra and raising FFJ awareness.  Kim and Kayla Thomas worked similar events in the Calgary area (Brandon Thomas) and myself and supporters in the Edmonton area. The public wants this, very obvious to us and to our politicians

I received word that a meeting with Canada’s Justice Minister was secured for July 15th in Vancouver. Our goal was going to happen!  On July 15th without any prior knowledge a federal cabinet shuffle occurred in Ottawa.  Markita and I were made aware of this the morning of our scheduled meeting. Rob Nicholson and Peter Mackay switched ministries. We turned lemons into lemonade that day as we spoke with the media across Canada. A quick 20 minute personal meeting with Mr. Mackay occurred July 25th. A meeting with Peter Mackay and Families or Justice has been promised to us to be scheduled in the early New Year.

More letter writing, more meetings, more signatures, but we broke for the First Annual Soccer Game in Memory of Bradley Arsenault.   On September 22nd we invited the town, the friends, everyone to come out and play or cheer us on in a one game winner takes all.  Food and drinks, and lots of laughs.  There were two teams, The Anchormen and The Hip and Knees, Tragically.  We were honored with so much help from the town, great coaching, great volunteers, and a great crowd.  We all made a good memory that day.  I am very grateful for that.  September 22nd was a good day just to see all the faces.  Thank you.

November 26th…what can I say except another awful anniversary.  The day came quick it seemed, the dreaded date.  On the 25th a beautiful white cross was placed for Brad, marking the place where this devastating senseless tragedy happened.  Not for me, but for others who find some peace there.  They had a beautiful ceremony, placed the cross for our Brad, candlelight and a prayer.  Again the support!!  No one will ever forget what happened in a split second there, November 26th, 2011.  Brad, Kole and Thaddeus are forever in our hearts. That part, those words, it's real simple.

There is so much more that has happened over the last 12 months……

There are so many people to thank from this year 2013. People who have held me up, walked down this road with me.

The friends that make me laugh, the friends who are not afraid of my tears. 

The “website” bradkolethad.com and the crew that maintains it.  Unbelievable hard work. 

The “mom’s” that are wearing the same shoes as I, the folks who think of us daily and pray for us.  I thank you all, so very much appreciated by me and my family.



I wish everyone who reads this a peaceful, happy new year.

My resolution is 2 parts. 

First to try to understand that Bradley would not want anyone of us to live in sorrow, he would be mad about that. 

Secondly, my quest for change is still a front runner.  Along with the support of FFJ, my family, friends and the community, I am determined to leave a powerful legacy behind for my son Bradley, his two good friends, Kole and Thad.  For so many, too many other sweet angels. I DO NOT want another Sheri…

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,




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