At first this video was made for us to have for our family. After watching, we realized it should be shared with the world.    

Our hope for this video is that it will help us all heal and begin to celebrate Brad's life.  We cherish the time that Bradley was with us and wish to pass on the message to others about the reality of Drinking, Driving and Speed.

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Thank you for watching,

The Arsenaults



 If I had a chance for another try,

I wouldn't change a thing,

This made me all of who I am inside,

And if I could thank God,

That I am here, and that I am alive 

And everyday I wake,

I tell myself a little harmless lie,

The whole wide world is mine.


These lyrics are from the song "Rite of Spring" performed by the group Angels and Airwaves. This is the passage that Bradley told us he wanted to have tattooed on his chest.  At the time I never gave it a whole lot of thought, except "wow, that's kind of long". 

When we read these words now, we see the beauty in the words just like Bradley did when he shared it with us.

We love you Brad and miss you terribly. Could you give Kole and Thad a hug for us?