Rob and Sheri Arsenault address the media in Wetaskiwin on Aug. 28, 2015 after Jonathan Pratt was sentenced to eight years for manslaughter and impaired driving causing death in a collision that killed their 18-year-old son Bradley, along with Kole Novak and Thaddeus Lake. The Arsenaults have been pushing the federal government to instate a mandatory minimum sentence for impaired driving causing death and their efforts have been successful.


Families for Justice face book page

“Families for Justice” formed in 2011 when a few people from B.C. met and decided as a group what they wanted to fight for as parents who had suffered the loss of their child because of impaired driving.

They decided to fight for tougher sentencing for anyone who is convicted of impaired driving causing death. 

They also offer information, support and understanding to those in grief and loss.

The group wants to see a mandatory minimum sentence for impaired driving causing death. They also want the Criminal Code of Canada to be changed to redefine the offence of impaired driving causing death as vehicular manslaughter.

It is their intention to save lives, including that of the drivers themselves, so that no other families ever have to endure the ultimate shock and devastation that so many of us have had to.

We now have many families from across Canada who have joined our Families For Justice Society. We have started 2 other chapters in Alberta with the hard work of 4 other families.

We are very grateful to everyone who has either signed the Petition or assisted in collecting signatures.


  • Markita - British Cloumbia
  • Grace - Calgary, Alberta & surrounding areaa
  • Sheri - Edmonton, Alberta & surrounding areas
  • Julie - Ontario

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