Peel Regional Police checked more drivers, but laid fewer charges in the Festive Season RIDE program this year compared to last.

Still, a total of 241 motorists were charged with impaired driving in the 40-day spot check campaign that started Nov. 22 and wrapped up New Year’s Eve.

That’s fewer than the 295 charged last season. Police checked approximately 29,945 drivers this season, compared to 25,532 last season. A total of 288 drivers were issued three-day licence suspensions (379 last season), which are given out when a driver comes close to the legal limit of alcohol.

The average age of the drivers charged was 36 years, and 106 of the charges were laid on Brampton streets, 135 on Mississauga roads.

But police are downplaying the decrease to six charges a day from eight the previous year, having experienced peaks and valleys over the years.

“The numbers are consistent with previous years and we remain committed to improving road safety in Peel Region through programs involving education and enforcement,” said Peel Staff Sgt. Michael Donnelly in a statement today.

One thing police are pleased about is the involvement of the community.

“We have noticed this year that community involvement has increased and citizens are reporting incidents of impaired driving,” according to Donnelly. “These calls resulted in the apprehension of several impaired drivers.”

He said police are “proud” of the co-operation with local citizens in making roads safer.

Those charged most recently: Brampton’s Bryan Joseph, 21, Tejbeer Singh, 21, Subhas Singh, 65, Davinder Brar, 26, Harpreet Saini, 23, Taj Harriott, 22, Timothy Murray, 22, Manpreet Chhina, 29, Rajinder Kishan, 51, Thanh Do, 41, Faisal Khan, 31, Sase Mohabir, 47, Gurmukh Sidhu, 24, Amanda Persaud, 29, Marcel Charitos, 20, Ehis Odigie, 38, Rogger Blackwood, 40, Anthony Melendy, 33, and Manoj Kundra, 47; Mississauga’s Peter Kielo, 34, Julio Santos, 46, Frances Cooper, 30, Alex Ligeti, 19, Jaroslaw Les, 48, Ian Carnegie, 43, Benildus Thaveethupillai, 46, Alex Yujuico, 52, Imran Rashid, 36, Michael McDonnell, 58, Darmendrea Nandram, 40, Benu Dutta, 40, Radnah Pradhan, 31, Alexander Wong, 19, Adam Grzesik, 57, Malgorzata Switalska, 53, Anthony Miljak, 23, Juan Martinez Velez, 51, Dianand George, 45, Athavan Yogarajah, 19, Jan Arendacz, 49, Gianluca Bartolomeo, 38, and David Murray, 39; Toronto’s Rabi Ahmadzai, 23, Anthony Valin, 28, Piraburaj Camalalingham, 24, and Warren Queensborough, 45; Ajax’s Donald Campbell, 28, and Roshun Maharaj, 33; Oakville’s Richard Piedade, 29; Hamilton’s Enisa Mulic, 26; Weston’s Timothy Smith, 25; Vaughan’s Amritpal Khosa, 23. Amritpal Khosa, 23, and Darryl Gosine, 46; Georgetown’s Dean Paul, 46; Burlington’s Blair Grtysak, 35; Edmonton’s Ntwali Karera, 22.

Source: Brampton Guardian


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