Seven less people in Fort St John were caught under the influence this holiday season while driving compared to last.

In a province where in January 2012, Statistics Canada found that the impaired driving rates had almost doubled in a ten year period, Fort St John seems to be making some great strides.

Cpl. Jodi Shelkie says between December 20th and 31st of 2013, 11 impaired charges and roadside suspensions were given, compared to 18 the year before.

"So that's really great news. It appears people are getting the message that it's not safe to drink and drive and to do drugs and drive and therefore more and more people are making alternate plans. They're getting somebody to pick them up, they're making arrangements otherwise so that they're not driving home and the roads are just safer," said Shelkie.

In 2008, a program called Alexa's Team began.

Named after a 4 year old girl in Vancouver who died because of an impaired driver, the award now recognizes officers in BC for taking these drivers off the streets

Last May, 6 officers in Fort St John received the award and Shelkie adds this may have contributed to the decline.

"People know the message behind Alexis and they're taking that into account that innocent people can really be injured if you drink and drive," she added. "So with those two messages there I think people are really reflecting on their driving habits and are doing the safe thing and taking an alternate way home from when they've been drinking."

Source: 890 CJDC


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