Justice Minister Andrew Swan recently announced that Manitobans convicted of impaired driving will be subject to clear and decisive consequences if they fail to follow the rules of the province’s ignition interlock program.

“Impaired driving is not acceptable and the consequences are serious and significant,” said Minister Swan. 

“We want to ensure our message to Manitobans is clear; the changes coming into effect this month will ensure convicted impaired drivers fully understand what is expected if they wish to drive in Manitoba, as well as the consequences for not following the rules.”

Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act were introduced last spring and came into effect on Feb. 15.  These changes clarify that drivers who operate a motor vehicle without following all the rules of the ignition interlock program will face the full consequences for driving while disqualified including vehicle impoundment.

The changes also allow a driver with a restricted licence to request permission to operate an employer’s vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock device if the use of that vehicle is necessary to maintain the driver’s employment.  

Convicted impaired drivers participating in the ignition interlock program are required to do so for one year for a first or second conviction, three years for a third conviction and for life for a fourth or subsequent

Source: Westman Journal


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