Thank you to all of the people who over this weekend took they time to sign our Families For Justice Petition. We collected 900 more names, which now gives us over 7500 signatures of Canadian citizens who also agree the there needs to be mandatory minimum sentencing and that the current charge of Impaired driving causing a death should be change to the redefine the offense to vehicular manslaughter.

Many people told us they feel the laws need to be changed to protect the innocent people and they don't understand why the law makers have turned a blind eye for so many years. One woman told me of how her Aunt and Uncle were both killed by a drunk driver and the accused drunk driver got a total of 6 months in jail for killing two people. Another lost her son in the year 2002 to a drunk driver. The driver blamed his medication and he was never charged. That driver walked away from killing her son.

So many heartbreaking stories by so many people. I am wondering what it will take as a Society before we stand up to tell the Government and the law makers that there needs to be changes to the current legal system. Whatever happened to people being held accountable for their actions? What ever happened to doing something because it is the right thing to do?

The right thing to do is to make changes in the sentencing and to start to hold people accountable for their actions. If they have made the choice to drive while impaired and have decided to put the public at risk and they then have caused a collision which results in an injury or they have taken another persons life then they should be accountable for those actions.

A 6 month sentence or a 2 year sentence is not acceptable for committing a vehicular homicide. If you didn't pay your taxes you may be looking at a 5 to 7 year sentence. I guess not paying your taxes is looked upon more harshly then committing a murder in Canada.

I hope and pray that other families never have to become a victim of a crime, where you must deal with the Canadian Justice system. I must have heard over 500 people tell me this weekend that they feel in the Canadian legal system "there is no justice for the victims family." Also that the Criminal Justice System only supports the criminals.

Please support our Society and voice your opinion. Write our Government officials and tell them that there needs to be tougher laws. People who have no respect for the laws. Offenders who commit serious offences need to be held accountable for their actions. Law abiding citizens need to feel - and know that they will be safe, and that the laws in Canada are in place to protect the hard working Canadian public. Those who work hard, contribute to society and who abide by the laws do have a voice. Show it by writing your MP's and MLA's, and signing our Petition.
Better yet, help us collect names by printing the Petition off, and having your own family, friends and coworkers sign, and then return to us. We need all the signatures we can get! Thank you!

Source: Families for Justice

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