Hello Everyone;

I apologize to everyone for not writing to you right away when returning from Calgary but I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. I slept for 15 hours straight.

Our Families For Justice Alberta Chapter Director Sheri Arsenault and myself met with the Justice Minister of Canada Mr. Peter Mackay in Calgary Alberta on Friday February 28, 2014.

Mr. MacKay expressed his concern as well as to the number of lives taken by the actions of impaired drivers. As a former Prosecutor and Defense Lawyer he has seen the impact of impaired driving on families. He and his Conservative Government have implemented several new laws in Canada in the effort to keep Canadian's safe and their Communities safe.

Mr. MacKay expressed that there will be some new laws coming forward and changes being put forth to protect innocent people.

Mr. MacKay agrees with many items on our FFJ Petition. The Conservative Government is in power for another 18 months before the next election comes up. They hope to bring about new laws before the election. He could not tell us specifically what would be changing as the Government must vote on any changes. They are aware of the staggering numbers of innocent Canadians being killed by impaired drivers and that crime is totally preventable. He agreed that even after all of the education over the last 30 years people are still not getting the message to not drink and drive as seen in the stats.

I gave Mr. MacKay the Binder of information and shared what was in there. I reminded him that he has always expressed concerns for victims and their rights. I asked that he read the 35 letters from many of you who have lost a loved one and on how impaired driving has impacted you and what the loss has done to your family; he promised me that he would read each letter.

Sheri and I made sure that all of your Angels will have their voices heard. I promised you all that, and for the past 2 1/2 years we have been working so hard to get your voices heard.

Sheri and I showed Mr. MacKay the Families For Justice Banner and showed him the many faces of wonderful talented people who are no longer here because their lives were taken by an impaired driver.

I went through every single picture and told him of your loved ones story. He shook his head as he heard the stories and the look of surprise when he heard the sentences given out. I asked him to look at all of the faces on the banners to see a generation of young people just gone through no fault of their own. Every one of these people were killed by an impaired driver in Canada who made the decision to put the public at risk and that every single death was preventable.

I believe that we as a Society and he and his Government need to take on a new era of responsibility of protecting all Canadians. He agreed that changes need to be made and he and his Government will be working toward this.

We asked if we still needed to continue to gather names on the Families For Justice Petition? He told us for every name on the petition it is another voice asking for change. The Government cannot ignore the public when they express the need for changes to be made. That is how new laws come into place.

We ask everyone to share the petition with their family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. We do this in the interest of public safety so that one day there will be no more loss of life due to a crime that is totally preventable.

We will keep you all posted on what we hear in the future. Thank you for your prayers and for your support. We will continue to fight for change we just can't do it all by ourselves we need your help to. We ask that everyone get involved in your Community to bring about awareness and that this is a crime that affects every Community in Canada.

Markita Kaulius
Families For Justice



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