RCMP say even one impaired driving arrest is too many

People in Saskatchewan don't seem to be getting the message when it comes to drunk driving.

On Saturday Mar 22 RCMP officers across Canada engaged in the impaired driving enforcement day, excluding Ontario since the RCMP don't have a contract for provincial policing there. More than a third of all people charged with impaired driving that day, 56 out of 142, were in Saskatachewan. There were similar numbers for roadside suspensions for alcohol: 44 out of 147 were in Saskatchewan.

A table showing national enforcement statistics.

Sergeant Craig Cleary is with F division in Saskatchewan. He said that even one drunk driving charge is too many.

"The driving public needs to better explore its options when they are making choices to drink...There are definitely options out there to have a sober driver or use the various services out there that could get themselves as well as their vehicles home in a safe manner."

The blitz in March was the first of four that will be happening nationally this year, not including enforcement that individual provinces and detachments do. Cleary said the RCMP is dedicated to the enforcement of impaired driving laws.

"As long as we're out there and as long people continue to push the limits on drinking and driving they're ultimately going to have to face the consequences if they are caught."

According to numbers from MADD Canada, Saskatchewan has the highest per capita rate of alcohol-related road crash deaths in Canada at 9.76 out of every 100,000; the national average is 3.17 people out of every 100,000. MADD's numbers indicate things are actually getting worse; Saskatchewan's fatality rate was higher in 2010 than in 2000.

Source: News Talk 650


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