The trial of a man accused of impaired driving in a collision that killed three young men near Beaumont in 2011 heard evidence about how fast his pick-up truck was going.

A picture of wreck of the Grand Am which carried the three young men was entered as evidence in the trial of Johnathan Pratt.

RCMP collision reconstructionist Cpl. Ken Alexander testified that the airbag control in the vehicle belonging to Johnathan Pratt recorded a speed of 199 km/hr before striking a Grand Am carrying Bradley Arsenault, 18, Thaddeus Lake, 22 and Kole Novak, 18.

The pickup didn’t just strike the Grand Am early on Nov. 26. 2011, it drove right through it, Alexander said.

His technical analysis showed that the brake light switch was activated at the time of impact for 4/10 of a second.

Arsenault, Novak and Lake died at the scene. Following the impact, the pickup veered out of control for nearly 180 meters, leaving a stream of debris along the highway.  

The pickup truck travelled for another 180 meters before coming to a rest, RCMP Cpl. Ken Alexander testified on Tuesday.

The Grand Am carrying the three young men had been travelling 70 km/hr, which was the speed limit.

Pratt faces three counts each of impaired driving causing death, driving with a blood-alcohol content over .08 causing death and manslaughter.

A lab report presented as evidence in court says that Pratt’s blood alcohol concentration was estimated between 0.2 and 0.244 at the time of the collision – almost three times the legal limit.

‘There’s no words’

Karmia Novak is Kole Novak's sister. She said it was emotionally draining to hear the testimony.  

“Me, I just feel sucked dry, there's nothing left,” she said. “They were perfect and then in literally in a blink of an eye they were ran over, they were shoved out of this world.”

Arsenault's parents have sat in the courtroom each day. They say this week’s evidence has been the hardest to hear.

“There's no words to describe how horrific, how horrific the speed ... of that truck – what it did that night,” said Sheri Arsenault.

“The truck skateboarded and skidded for that many meters on top of those three boys. You know, we can't imagine it in our heads to tell you the truth," she said.

More testimony from police will be heard on Thursday, then the defence and Crown will argue Monday about what information will be allowed as evidence in the trial.

It is not yet clear whether Pratt will testify.

The case is expected to wrap up next week.

Source: CBC News Edmonton


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