Seven Nanaimo RCMP members were among more than 50 officers honoured for reducing the carnage of drunk driving on Vancouver Island roads.

All were part of Alexa's Team, a group of officers who arrested 471 alcohol-impaired drivers last year. They were honoured in Oak Bay May 6 for keeping a promise to reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths. An impaired driver struck and killed Alexa Middelaer in 2007. She was just four.

In 2010, her family challenged the B.C. judicial system to reduce the number of alcohol-related impaired driving deaths by 35 per cent by the end of 2013, the year Alexa would have turned 10.

Alcohol-related impaired driving deaths are down 52 per cent.

"Nanaimo has been consistently high for the number of members in Alexa's Team," said Lennea Durant, spokeswoman.

In 2013, the seven members from the Nanaimo RCMP selected to Alexa's team were responsible for apprehending 294 impaired drivers.

Nanaimo 2013 team members are: Constables Ben Lanthier, Andrew Forslund, Barry Darling, Grant Blanchette, Mihai Ilioi and Cpl. Norm Smith. Const. David Buchanan rated "all star," a designation earned for arrests leading to at least 34 criminal impaired driving convictions.

In all, 58 of 313 B.C. Alexa's Team members were from Island police agencies, who altogether removed 1,982 of 11,143 impaired drivers from B.C. roads.

"These statistics are impressive and show the overall commitment of our members to keeping our streets safe and reduce the impact drinking and driving has on our community "said Const. Gary O'Brien, Nanaimo RCMP detachment spokesman.

313 RCMP and Municipal Police officers were selected to Alexa's team in 2013.

Source: Nanaimo Daily News




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