We would like to sincerely thank 630 CHED Radio along with Lesley Primeau and Andrew Grose for the amazing job they did.

What an incredible job they did in talking about Bradley, Kole, and Thaddeus in such a factual and respectful manner. Their sincerity and enthusiasm ignited the spark of true community in their fan base and we raised $2,500.00 for BKT through the auction of the Roger Waters concert tickets that had originally been purchased for the Boys to attend.

We would like to send a huge thank you to Canar Rock Products for being the winning bid in the auction, along with John Windwick from ATB bank for donating the signed Jordan Eberle jersey.

Once again,special thanks to CHED, Lesley, Andrew, Canar Rock Products, ATB Financial, Chorus Radio, and all the other groups and individuals, including Brad Blomme of Big Top Tent Rentals, who kept the bidding war going and who participated in the auction and got the price to where it ended.

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