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A Families For Justice event is happening in Cochrane Alberta Saturday, June 14 from 1PM to 4 PM at the Mitford Pond Park. Kim Thomas from Cochrane and Grace Pesa from Calgary have organized this "Empty Shoe Campaign" to bring about awareness and education about Impaired Driving in Canada. Kim lost her 17 year old son Brandon on December 6, 2012 and Grace lost her 20 year old son Francis on January 2, 2014 both son's lives taken by  impaired drivers.

Kim put the call out to the Community that she needed shoes and they really came through to support her. In just over 3 weeks she has collected 2039 pairs of shoes and she has a company dropping off another 600 pairs tomorrow.  They will be laying out 1825 pairs of shoes to represent the 5 people killed per day by impaired driver across Canada. The remainder of the shoes they will put into a very large pile with signs that say "Who's next" to show the public that this crime can happen to anyone at any time and there will be more lives lost if changes are not made to protect the public. An impaired driver can strike at any time.

Grace has arranged Media attendance with TV Stations, Newspapers and Radio Stations. First responders have been invited as well as some Government officials. Other families that have lost a child or love one or suffered an injury are also welcome to attend the event. We hope that the Community will support this event by signing the Families For Justice Petition. We have collected over 65,000 names so far.

In Ottawa this morning Federal MP's Mark Warawa from BC and Blake Richards from Alberta brought forward another 6000 signatures on the Petitions. When they read the motions about wanting tougher sentencing other Federal MP's applauded in the House of Commons. That is a huge step forward in bringing awareness about impaired driving and the fact that over 65,000 people so far have added their voice that changes are needed.

I have a meeting scheduled with Federal MP Mark Warawa on June 25, 2014 so I will let you all know how the meeting goes. His office called me to arrange the meeting as I was told he wants to update me on what has been happening in Ottawa. I know that these changes will take time but each day is another step forward.

Please keep me up to date with emails on how you are doing and any court details. If you have questions or need to talk to someone who knows what you are going through we are here to support you. We are working toward change but we cannot do this alone. I encourage each of you to not give up and to continue the fight for Families For Justice.

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