This was the 3rd Annual Softball Tournament held in memory of Kassandra Kaulius who was killed by an impaired driver on May 3rd, 2011. Kassandra was coaching a girls little league softball team and was driving home from the Cloverdale Athletic Park where this event was held on June 21st and June 22nd, 2014.

LARGEST B.C. TOURNAMENT Over 400 softball players and officials attended. A total of 26 teams registered making it the largest female tournament of its kind in British Columbia.


KASSANDRA KAULIUS SCHOLARSHIP MEMORIAL FUND The purpose of this tournament was to raise funds for the Kassandra Kaulius Scholarship Memorial Fund. In the past two years a total of 8 scholarships have been awarded to female students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies in Education.  At the time of Kassandra’s death she had been working two jobs and attending the University of the Fraser Valley studying to become a teacher. 

FFJ Petition on Round Table - Prize Table with Raffle Tickets - you select the prize you want & drop your ticket in the bag & then the draw is made for the lucky winner

Markita Kaulius is test driving the Ford Mustang.  Ford donated $20.00 for every Ford Car that was test driven towards the Kassandra Kaulius Scholarship Memorial Fund during the tournament.


K-2 SPIRIT AWARD In addition, two awards were handed out:  The Kassandra Kaulius Memorial Tournament K-2 Spirit Award, this award was given to two females who exemplify Spirit in Teamwork. 

This great man is Darren Kaulius, Tournament Director and Kassandra's cousin. Darren wore many hats in co-ordinating this event. Here he is seen selling team "Storm" bracelets and collecting the candidates names for the K-2 Spirit Award. He is one awesome fellow! Sincere thanks and appreciation are extended to him for all of his efforts!

DONATIONS Markita Kaulius was quoted: “She was always giving back to the community”.  At the tournament numerous donations were accepted for the many wonderful raffle prizes such as a 8 day cruise, a $400.00 BB-Q, the many wonderful gift baskets. In addition the public brought new toys which were being donated to the sick children at the Surrey Memorial Hospital.

AMAZING FAMILY It was incredible to come upon the Cloverdale Athletic Park and see all the team players and officials gathered as well as the many spectators. Even more amazing to see was the Kaulius family coming together to put on such an event in memory of  their daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin and friend, “Kassandra,” The 3rd Annual Kassandra Kaulius Memorial Tournament.

The message is strong and clear “We ask that they please don’t drink and drive because it is devastating to a family to lose a loved one to a drunk driver” – Markita Kaulius. 

To be able to give back to their community through all that they have and continue to endure is inspiring on so many levels. As well as create the awareness that they have created by forming Families for Justice and being a support base for so many families in need and petitioning the Federal Government for changes for harsher sentences in regards to impaired drivers. One word describes them – AMAZING!

Vic & Markita Kaulius

Sherri Hunt-Todd with

Markita Hunt-Kaulius


This little feather 

was a "special sign"

one of a few in the day,

it blew onto Markita.


Submitted by Ann Mariner


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