Saskatchewan's new traffic laws are already being credited with removing risky drivers from provincial roadways.

A series of higher penalty traffic laws have been in place for just over two weeks, but already a total of 271 motorists have received licence suspensions and 380 have had their vehicles seized.

During enforcement of the traffic law changes during the period of June 27 to July 15, police issued 271 roadside suspensions for impaired driving, 189 impaired driving vehicle seizures, 131 unauthorized driver vehicle seizures along with 60 high risk driving vehicle seizures.

“It’s disappointing to see so many vehicle seizures and suspensions in such a short time period, but it’s also encouraging to know police have the new laws at their disposal to mitigate the high number of collision-related deaths and injuries in Saskatchewan,” stated Andrew Cartmell, President and CEO of SGI. “The combination of these serious consequences and increased dedicated traffic enforcement throughout the province will ultimately lead to increased safety on our roads and highways.”

Saskatchewan's new traffic laws include tougher penalties for impaired driving, distracted driving and excessive speed, which are the top three contributing factors to fatal crashes in the province. Police are also reminding parents and caregivers that booster seats are now mandatory for children under the age of seven.

In 2013, preliminary data shows that 134 people were killed and 6,804 were injured in vehicle collisions on Saskatchewan roads and highways.

Visit SGI’s website at www.sgi.sk.ca to learn more about the new traffic laws, or for information about the Road Safety Challenge and how #wecandrivebetter

Source: Southwest Booster

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