A Wildrose government would repeal the province’s 0.05 drunk driving legislation and replace it with five teams of sheriffs dedicated to holding checkstops around the province.

Leader Danielle Smith and justice critic Shane Saskiw unveiled the party’s crime and justice platform Thursday, saying the party would place more focus on protecting victims and making the system more accessible and efficient.

Saskiw said the province’s drunk driving legislation, which came into effect in 2012, is ineffective and pulls resources away from finding drivers whose blood alcohol content is higher than the 0.08 legal limit.

“By putting the funding toward those individuals that blow over 0.08, that would ensure that those serious drunk drivers are taken off our streets,” Saskiw said.

The party would instead commit to funding five new checkstop teams that would operate throughout Alberta.

Under the province’s new drunk driving law, police can seize the vehicle of a driver caught with a blood-alcohol level over 0.05. Drivers also face a three-day suspension that increases to seven days on the second offence. Drivers who blow over 0.08 have their licence suspended.

Other planks in the Wildrose justice platform:

  •  As the backlog in the courts continues, Smith said she would strike a task force to examine the justice system and ensure it is accessible, affordable and efficient. The party would support Legal Aid Alberta with additional funding, and introduce family law reforms to improve compliance with visitation and maintenance orders.
  • The Wildrose would legislate a victim’s bill of rights “to ensure victims are given the resources, protections and compensation necessary to cope with the damage inflicted on them by criminals.” The party would also review compensation that spouses and dependents are entitled to under the Fatal Accidents Act.

Source: Edmonton Journal


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