I thought I would share with you the results of the RCMP Counter Attack on Friday July 11, 2014 in Langley BC that Vic and I attended.  We met with 12 RCMP Officers on top of an overpass as they were doing a Counter Attack in keeping the community safe as they were stopping traffic heading North and South. We were there from 8 PM to Midnight and we were amazed how many driving infractions took place.

They did several breathalysers on drivers who they thought might be driving under some impairment and these are some of the stats that issued.

They issued 1- 90 Day Immediate Roadside Prohibition to an impaired Driver.

They issued 5 - 3 Day suspensions for drivers who were given warns as being on the cusp of being impaired.

They had 2 drivers take off and sped away from the road blocks. They caught one driver and issued her several tickets. They will cost her over $1000.00 and her insurance will go up by quite a bit. Her excuse for fleeing the road block was that she already has several tickets. I asked why she would not have been arrested and they said that the fines will cost her much more than being arrested and spending the night in jail. Sometimes hitting people in the pocket book will make them think twice about making the same mistakes. If she has too many tickets her license will be suspended from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles office.

They towed 2 cars from drivers who were driving with no insurance.

They also had 2 drivers who had no driver's license.

They found 1 Prohibited driver who was driving and had already had his license suspended.

They stopped a young new driver with an "L" Learners License driving with a new driver with an "N" out driving together. By law there is supposed to be a person at least age 25 with a new driver but not the case in at least 7 other vehicle stops. There were many vehicles with young people out driving who had more people in the car then they should have.

We were amazed by the lack of respect for the laws. Many spoke of their frustration with the legal system as they work very hard to keep our communities safe and we have a court system that has a revolving door that hardly holds anyone accountable for their actions when people have broken the laws.

They all said that they are in support of Families For Justice and that we are bringing education and awareness to the problem of impaired driving. I let them know that we appreciate what they do every day by putting their lives on the line each day. We heard and saw the disrespect that some of them had to deal with. We both drove home with a greater respect for these individuals and the dedication to their profession. We will be joining another Counter Attack on July 31, 2014. If anyone is interested in joining us please let us know.

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