We started the Families For Justice Society in September, 2011, a few months after the death of our 22 year old daughter Kassandra who was killed by an impaired driver on May 3, 2011.

In the first year we placed 12 pictures on the banner as other families came to join us in the fight for tougher sentencing. The second year we added 28 more pictures of other's loved ones.

This year we've added an additional 15 new faces to this year's banner. On this updated 2014 Banner, we now have 56 faces of innocent people, who were all killed by impaired drivers in Canada.

Their families connected with Families For Justice to support us as we continue to educate and raise awareness and lobby the Federal Government to implement new impaired driving laws to increase public safety and protect all Canadians.

We wish to thank every family who have joined us and who have given their permission to share their loved one's picture on the banner. I know you will all extend a warm welcome to the new families, and offer support as they walk through their own journey of grief and loss. We know too well, the heartbreak these families have in dealing with the shock and loss of their loved ones.

I stood back today looking at the handsome faces of young men and the beautiful faces of young women and the tears came knowing that the future of all of these people, were taken by others that made the choice to put the public at risk. They might have all been future Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Doctors, Nurses, Musicians, Mechanic's, Secretaries, Scientists, Teachers, Police Officers, Athletes and Scientists. We know that they had so much to offer the world and sadly were never given the chance.

Everyone is aware that Impaired Driving is against the Law. Therefore, we believe there needs to be at least a 5 year minimum sentence for anyone convicted of impaired driving causing a death. We also encourage the Government of Canada change the Criminal Code of Canada to amend the current charge of impaired driving causing a death, and have them redefine the offense as Vehicular Manslaughter.

We respectfully ask that you show this picture to your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Other Canadians need to see the photos of the individuals we've lost. We all need to remember these faces, whose life was taken from them, through no fault of their own. Please ask your family, friends and co-workers to then write to their Government officials and demand changes in the current impaired driving laws.

We cannot do this alone, and we need help from everyone. We need all Canadians to support us in our mission. Ask them "What if this was your loved ones picture on the banner? We have already lost our loved ones we are now fighting to safe theirs.

We have already submitted Petitions to the Federal Government in excess of 67,000 signatures from Canadians across Canada who support tougher sentencing.

Let's stop just talking about it. We need to continue to stand up and make it known

"These Deaths Need to Stop Now !!!”

We need you and your friends and family to write letters to put pressure on the Federal Government to bring about the necessary changes to the current sentencing laws for impaired driving.

Markita Kaulius
Families For Justice

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