Is it really worth it to take a chance on drinking and driving? We don’t think so. But unfortunately people continue to flaunt the law and indulge a little too much without planning ahead for a ride home.

Over the past two weeks, seven people have been charged with impaired driving in the region. Three impaired charges were laid by OPP in the Red Lake area, two others near Thunder Bay, and one each in Nipigon, Kenora and Dryden.

The latter incident Saturday allegedly resulted in a drunk driver losing control and rolling a pickup truck along Highway 601 north of Dryden. Three people were hurt including one seriously.

The 19-year-old driver is now charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm and dangerous driving causing bodily harm. It’s a tragedy for all families involved.

The two incidents near Thunder Bay also involved collisions or vehicles ending up on their side. One of the incidents in Red Lake involved a dump truck driver. (That’s like lighting a fuse to a case of dynamite on the road).

What will it take for people to think twice before drinking and driving. It appears large fines, the threat of jail, licence suspensions, vehicle impoundment, higher insurance fees and steering locks are not enough of a deterrent.

Maybe people who are convicted of impaired driving should be forced to attend MADD meetings where parents or siblings tell stories of how their loved ones were killed or injured by drunk drivers. Then, it might sink in that drinking and driving is not acceptable.

Unfortunately, it seems people who drink and drive believe it won’t happen to them — that they won’t get caught, or involved in a serious collision or worse. But the odds are they will. So what more can be done to prevent this dangerous behaviour.

Perhaps vehicle steering wheels should be equipped with a sensor that prevents a car from starting if the smell of alcohol or drugs is detected from the driver.

That would be an extreme solution but one that would work to prevent needless death and injury.
And, it might be an idea worth exploring.

Source: The Chronicle Journal


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